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Frequently Asked Questions for the Trumpet


Below are some of the most frequent questions we are asked regarding trumpets, brands, and rentals. 

How much do beginner trumpets cost? 

In our opinion, we have found that many trumpets from a well-known, reputable manufacturer can range in price from $400 for a used instrument and as much as $1,100 or more for a new instrument. Because many parents are uncertain as to if their child will stick with the trumpet, renting is a very popular option. There are many factors that could impact the cost of a beginner trumpet: new or used, overall condition, and brand can all impact the price. Remember, getting the cheapest instrument for a beginning musician is not always best. Instead, try to locate a quality instrument with the necessary services to provide a beginning musician the best opportunity for success. 

How much does a beginner trumpet cost to rent? 

The monthly rental rate for a trumpet is between $20-$60 per month, depending on if the instrument is new or used, condition,  finish, and brand. 

What is the best beginner trumpet brand? 

There are many brands available to choose from for a beginner instrument. Many come from a reputable manufacturer and are built to withstand the rigors of a young musician. Unfortunately, some are not built with quality materials or provide parts should the instrument need repair. While not an exhaustive list, we have found the following brands offer a beginner musician the best opportunity for long-term success:

  • Accent 
  • Bach
  • Conn
  • Eastman
  • King
  • Yamaha

What does a beginner trumpet player need? 

In addition to a quality trumpet, a beginning musician can also benefit from a few basic accessories: a method or teaching book, a care kit with common maintenance items, and a music stand for at home practice. Instruments in the hands of a young or beginning musician can also be prone to accidental damage, so a maintenance repair plan is an extremely popular option and is offered at many local music stores. 

Is the trumpet easy to learn? 

Yes! However like any new endeavor, learning an instrument takes time and practice. Within a few weeks, a new player will learn a few notes and rhythms to form basic melodies. As musicians develop, they will need to develop the muscles in their face (also called their "embouchure"), which allow them  to play higher, lower, and with improved tone quality.