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The trumpet is one of the most exciting instruments in the band.  Its bright tone and strong projection make it perfect for upbeat, high-energy music.

Trumpets are used in all styles of music including jazz, classical, and popular.  

Trumpet players in school band

To produce sound on a trumpet, the player makes a buzzing sound by blowing through closed lips.  This sound is amplified by the mouthpiece, creating a sound wave that carries through the tubing of the trumpet and out its bell.  The player changes the pitch of the sound by pressing the three valves in various combinations, in effect changing the length of the tubing the air flows through.

Both boys and girls play the trumpet.  It's not a difficult instrument to learn with some practice.

Here's an example of trumpet music:

The trumpet soloist is Melissa Venema, age 13, playing Taps in its entirety.

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Why Play Trumpet?

Trumpet is a popular instrument in the band.  Here are some of the reasons:

Student playing trumpet
  • The trumpet has a big bright sound that often plays the lead, especially in high energy music.
  • Trumpet can play all types of music from classical to rock, pop, and soul, to religious, country and everything in between.  There's almost no style of music that doesn't use trumpets.
  • It isn't hard to play.  You can play the basic notes in a day or two and play some popular songs within a couple of weeks.
  • The trumpet isn't a big instrument.  It can be easily carried.
  • You can form groups of players of almost any size to play together.
  • Lots of great music is written for trumpet.
  • Trumpets look great, especially when the trumpet players stand up and take the lead.

Have questions about playing trumpet?  Contact Amro's trumpet experts here.