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What is the Trombone

Want to be in the big parade?  Grab a trombone!


The trombone is the flashiest instrument in the band, with its long expanding slide and bright-brass bell.  It's the instrument we often picture when thinking of marching bands and parades. 

Students playing trombones

The trombone has an open, resonant tone that can blend well with other instruments or carry a soulful melody.  It has the broadest range of any orchestral instrument and is used in all types of music from powerful classical choruses and chorales to marches, R&B, and rock.

To make the trombone tone, the player makes a buzzing sound by blowing air through closed lips.  The mouthpiece amplifies the sound and it travels through the trombone's tubing and out through its bell.  The trombonist moves the slide in and out to make the different notes, increasing the length the sound must travel makes the note lower. While it's not a difficult instrument to play, you still have to practice to increase your skill level.

Trombone Care

Day to day trombone care isn’t very time consuming. Basically, you will need to make sure that it is clean and free from fingerprints, which can tarnish your trombone. It is crucial that you carefully pack up your instrument each and every time that you put it in its case. Never leave your trombone laying around, as that is the number one way to damage it.

Periodically, your trombone will need a deep cleaning. For detailed instructions on how to do this, click the link below to go to our Trombone Care page.

Trombone Care

 Here's an example of trombone music:

Here are some more trombone performances and some trombone tips and tricks.

Why Play Trombone?

Girl playing trombone

Trombone is a popular instrument in the band:

  • Trombones add the big full sound in the brass section that makes a marching band command attention.
  • Trombone music can be very exciting or very mellow and smooth.
  • It's not a difficult instrument to learn.  Once you make your first sound, you simply move the slide in and out to change the note.
  • Trombonists can form groups with other trombonists or other brass players to play some fun ensemble music.


Amro Music

We offer trombones both for sale and for rent in Memphis and Nashville. Have some questions about getting an instrument or about playing the trombone?  Ask our trombone experts, and they will gladly answer any questions you have.