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Limited Editions, Special Collections, and Custom Pianos


Special Collections

Your Steinway & Sons piano can be the perfect expression of you. Whether it's a subtle difference, such as the all-silver hardware of the Sterling Steinway, or a more eye-catching statement, such as a red Pops Steinway, we invite you to find a Special Collections Steinway piano that best suits your home and your style.

Crown Jewel Collection

the worlds finest VENEERS for the world's finest INSTRUMENT

The Steinway Crown Jewel Collection is an exclusive series of spectacular Steinways that feature particularly fine veneers. High-quality Mahogany, Walnut, Kewazinga Bubinga, East Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, and other veneers are available.

Each Steinway Crown Jewel is an original handcrafted work of art, unique in all the world. Crown Jewel pianos are encased in your choice of magnificent woods, prized for their exquisite color and grain, and gathered from around the world. Steinway & Sons craftspeople meticulously match the grain from one end of the piano to the other — even across the beveled edge of the lid. Individually distinguished with a special Limited Edition medallion indicating its uniqueness, a Crown Jewel is a Steinway that truly makes itself heard even before you touch the keys.

The Sterling

modern-day THROWBACK

When Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853, the standard hardware found on pianos was nickel — a trend that continued through the 1920s. In 1928, following design trends of the day, the hardware on Steinway pianos was switched to brass, which has been the standard since. Now, Steinway & Sons offers a piano style that is both modern and a throwback — the Sterling Steinway.

Featuring beautiful nickel hardware and a silver cast-iron plate, as well as a high-polish polyester finish, these stylish pianos combine the ultimate in modern design with the unmistakable Steinway Sound.

Onyx Duet


The dynamic Onyx Duet Steinway piano has a dual personality, with an all-ebony finish on the exterior and stunning Macassar Ebony — also known as French Rosewood — on the underside of the lid and inner rim. The effect is pure East Indian elegance, with fine grain markings juxtaposed against a classic ebony finish.

Pops Collection

irrepressibly ENERGETIC

The Steinway Color Collection offers a fresh take on the classic Steinway. Vibrantly colorful accents breathe character into an ebony grand. A rainbow of fully customizable colors make this special collection Steinway an exciting choice to express personalityindividuality, and style.

Bold and bright, the Steinway Pops Collection adds a flash of color to any space. Bright blue, vibrant red, express your personality with the irrepressible energy of the Steinway Pops. Custom colors can be special ordered.


Limited Editions


Steinway & Sons has collaborated with some of the most notable artists and designers of our time to create a special series of pianos that reimagine what uncompromised expression looks like. Custom built at the Steinway & Sons New York and Hamburg factories, the limited editions combine classic Steinway craftsmanship, with inspired and expressive designs — making each Limited Edition Steinway both a majestic musical instrument and a completely unique work of art.

Visit the Steinway & Sons Limited Editions section to find out more information.

Custom Pianos Division

Steinway Design Process

Custom Designs by Modern Masters 


The Custom Pianos Division hand selects distinctive designs to build and offer for sale, from simple embellishments to show stopping masterpieces. Visionary talents from the worlds of art and design have partnered with us to unveil Art Cases, Special Collection designs, and Limited Editions alike.

The Commissioning Process

Inspiration Abounds

We also offer you the option of creating the perfect self-expression with a unique design based on your original ideas, or one inspired by our extensive portfolio. From subtle details to opulent creations, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Design Realized

A preliminary design consultation provides a framework of understanding your vision and aesthetic preferences – and for sharing the broad range of options available. These insights inform the creative direction, which we continually refine as we compile a visual presentation of illustrations and computer renderings that reflect your expressed ideas.

A Collaborative Experience from Vision to Execution

The production of a Custom Piano can take 12 months or more, depending on the complexity of the design. We carefully document the creative journey of every custom piano, and provide the owner with a visual account of their piano’s creation. Throughout production of your Custom Steinway you can be continually updated on its progress, ensuring a uniquely collaborative process – from concept to delivery.

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