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Step Up Your Instrument

We are now able to offer a step-up appointment by phone with your school’s educational representative. This ensures you still receive the exact instrument, brand, and director’s preferences as you would at your child’s step-up meeting.

Why step up? 

Just like when we learn to ride a bicycle with training wheels and then move to a 10-speed, stepping-up is an important step as a young musician advances. Beginner instruments are designed to be durable and easy to play, offering a young musician the best opportunity for success at the early stages of learning an instrument. As they develop, they will need an instrument that offers an improved tone quality, expanded range, and additional features. This is where a step-up instrument comes in! 

Here is how to make a step-up appointment:

  1. Use the calendar below to schedule an individual appointment with your school’s educational representative. .
  2. At your scheduled time, your educational representative will contact you to review the various options available to you.
  3. The step-up agreement will be sent to you by email for your review and signature.
  4. Your new step-up instrument will be sent via Fed-Ex directly to your home.

Of course, your step-up instrument will still have the same great services that have made Amro Music the preferred choice for music educators for nearly 100 years. The rental credit you have accumulated on your rental instrument can be applied towards the purchase of a step-up instrument and the maintenance and replacement coverage that protects your child’s beginner instrument is available on your step-up instrument as well.

Use the calendar below to set up a meeting with your Educational Representative. This will set up a 30 minute reservation that can be accessed online or by phone. You will recieve a confirmaiton email and calendar invite with a link and information to access your appointment.