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Renting a Viola

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Renting a Viola

Rental violas in orchestra class

Most viola students begin their musical journey with a rented viola. 

Viola rental has several advantages over buying:  

  • Students can try the viola to be sure it's what they want to play.
  • Viola players play progressively larger violas as they grow and renting allows them to move up when they're ready.
  • The rental viola takes the initial wear-and-tear of learning to play.
  • The maintenance and replacement plan keeps the viola playing well, repairs it if it's damaged, and replaces it if it's lost or stolen.
  • Renting allows time to see how serious the student will be and to determine what kind of viola is right for the longer term.
  • A portion of rent paid in the first months can be applied to the purchase of a viola.

Renting a viola is simple and inexpensive.  You choose the viola you want; we can help.  Rent is as little as $21 per month.

You may continue renting for as long as you like or return it to Amro any time after the first 2 months.

Renting from Amro

When you rent your viola from Amro, you don't just get a viola.  You get a package that includes:Viola rental

  • The music book and accessories your teacher has chosen.
  • A Maintenance & Replacement plan that repairs or replaces your viola if it's damaged, lost, or stolen. 
  • Service in your school.  Amro's representative visits your school regularly to make sure all instruments are playing properly.
  • Priority repairs by the Amro instrument repair shop, the largest in the Mid-South
  • A viola that's adjusted and approved by professional technicians and is guaranteed appropriate for learning.
  • The option to change instruments
  • The option to move up in size
  • The option to step-up and apply rent you've paid to another viola
  • No long-term commitment or obligation to buy
  • No security deposit
  • Low initial cost


There's a reason more Mid-southerners rent from Amro than all the other stores combined.

Ready to rent? Follow the link below to rent your viola today. 

Rent a viola

Do you still have questions about renting a viola?  Here are some FAQs about renting.  Or give us a call at (901) 323-8888 or email us here.