Renting a Trombone

Trombone Rental in Memphis, TN

Here at Amro, we provide many different options to accommodate each musicians' unique needs. One of the ways that you can begin your journey toward learning a new instrument is through our rental program.

Why Rent from Amro?

  • Amro guarantees that you'll receive an instrument that has been played, adjusted, and double-checked by professional technicians and is certified appropriate to learn on.
  • There's also no security deposit, low initial cost, and no long-term commitment or obligation to buy.
  • Amro's Maintenance & Replacement plan keeps the trombone playing well and replaces it if it's lost or stolen. Plus, you'll get priority in the largest on-site repair facility in the Mid-South.Trombones for Rent in Memphis
  • Renting allows time to see how serious the student will be and to determine what kind of trombone is right for the longer term.
  • A portion of the rent paid can be applied to the purchase of a trombone of your choice.
  • The lesson book and accessories that your band director selected are included with your rental.
  • Amro's educational representatives visit your school regularly to make sure instruments are working properly and everyone has what they need to learn.


Do you still have questions about renting?  

Click for some FAQs about renting an instrument.  

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