Vintage Joann Andreas Kambl 1740 Violin Outfit *SOLD*

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Vintage Kambl 4/4 violin
New or Pre-Owned: Pre-Owned / Vintage
Quality: Master
Teacher Approved: Yes
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KÄMBL, Joann Andreas (1699-1781) Munich Germany. Instrument maker to the Bavarian court. Stainer and
Amati based model in the Tyrolean style. Established in Munich in 1740. He produced viol DaGambas that are now
owned by institutions and cellos that are played by professional players. This violin, which apparently has been
saved by someone who recognized the violin as being special, has a hole drilled in the scroll where it was likely
mounted on a wall as a display. If only we knew the whole life story of this instrument. The label indicates it was
crafted in 1740 in Munich and it has survived 278 years. Made from a tightly flamed maple back and sides with a
very choice spruce top. It has a very sweet tone as you would expect from an old violin and is very playable. We
acquired this violin with a silver mounted bow that has been so used that the maker's mark is no longer
distinguishable. A great find for any player or collector.