Raúl Emiliani Violin

$6847.00 USD
New master line hand picked violin
New or Pre-Owned: New
Quality: Master Line
Teacher Approved: Yes
M&R Available: Maintenance Only
Financing Available: Yes

Not Available Online

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Raúl Emiliani model violins bring together outstanding tonewoods, expert craftsmanship, and artistic oil varnish to create a professional instrument. Meticulously tuned plates and bass bars contribute to the superb, rich and powerful tone. The depth of tonal color offers a highly expressive range of musical options for the performing artist. It is named in memory of Raúl Emiliani. He was an Italian born violinist, composer, and arranger. His work as a pedagogue contributed to the development of numerous fine instrumentalists. This outfit includes a deluxe case and silver-mounted bow.

Feedback on the Raul Emiliani:

"The Emiliani's temperament, is complex and refined with many colors to coax out of the violin. Its sound is plush and even, from a warm sounding E string to a lively, throaty tone on the G. It has a beautifully delicate sound." - Strings Magazine

"Easy to play, responsive, deep lower strings." - Esther H.

"Very high quality!! Balance good all around! Best violin out of them all." - Jerald W. 

"Clear, warm, sweet tone with a very easy attack and respionse. Crispness of tone. I may need to have this violin! Projects, but not harsh. Ringing and resonant." - Alice H.