Jacob Stainer Cello Outfit

$5197.00 USD
New Master line 4/4 cello with case
New or Pre-Owned: New
Quality: Master
Teacher Approved: Yes
M&R Available: Yes
Financing Available: Yes
Amro Price: $5197.00

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The Milo Richter Stainer cello is hand selected by our buyer 2-3 times per year. This cello is a replica of the work done by Jacob Stainer (1617-1683), luthier to the royal Austrian court. The fuller arching on the top and back with the wide placement of the F holes impart sweet tone with warmth and complexity. Plenty of projection and clarity for orchestral and chamber music. Dark brown varnish that has been hand applied and well executed for an antiqued look. Set up with Larsen Magnacore string set for a well-balanced tone.  This cello is highly recommended by college professors and private teachers.  A very special cello. Includes a hard case and carbon fiber bow.