Hofner 225 Vintage Strad Style

$7997.00 USD
hand picked master line violin
New or Pre-Owned: New
Quality: Master Line
Teacher Approved: Yes
M&R Available: Maintenance Only
Financing Available: Yes

Not Available Online

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The Hofner violins are hand selected by our buyer on a limited basis. Hofner has hand crafted instruments since 1887. The Vintage Strad copy is based on a 1719 example by Antonio Stradivari using maple and spruce from their oldest stock of tonewood, air dried for decades. This aging process helps impart a maturity of tone. Extensive study and detailed measurements of the original are used to create the outlines, archings and the thickness of the plates. Finally, the ground coats and varnish layers are gradually applied with specific color palettes that result in a treasured heirloom. Case and bow sold seperately.

Feedback on the Hofner 225 Vintage Strad Style:

"More power than the other violins here." - Diane C. 

"This one also felt great. I like the ease thatt it brings to playing." - Noel M.

"Good resonance! Tone good overall. Intonation must be on point to play this [instrument]." - Jerald W. 

"E not as sweet. Lower strings easy adn responsive. Projects well with clarity." - Esther H.