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Historique III Organ

Historique III Organ - 3 Manuals, 24 Stops
Console: Compact
Console Dimensions: 50-1/2' x 56 x 38"-3/4"
Number of Manuals: 3
Expression Pedals: 1
Pedal Board: 32-note compact radiating (option - parallel)
Music Rack: Clear acrylic, removable
Lift-lid Bench/Storage Area: Optional
Questions: 901-302-3306
# of Stops: 34

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An instrument of HISTORIQUE proportions!
Have you dreamed of a three manual Allen but thought it wouldn't fit into your budget or practice space? Think again. The new 34 Stop HISTORIQUE III™ has changed all that. It's got a smaller console and price tag than many two-manual organs. With a unique three-way internal audio system that includes a 15" woofer, this organ delivers Big Sound! Add to this the most advanced digital technology available and the results are simply stunning! And, with up to 9 complete stop lists and 10 different sampled reverbs its versatility is huge!


But the most impressive thing about the HISTORIQUE III is that it's an Allen through-and-through, with the sound and construction quality you expect from the world's favorite organ builder!

Multiple Stop Lists Available! The HISTORIQUE III features the Classic Allen stop list. Optional multiple stop lists include English Cathedral, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, and Aeolian-Skinner, plus 3 additional Theatre stop lists of Wurlitzer, Barton and Morton!

Console shown with optional Theatre stop list engravings.

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