Allen GeniSys G570 Organ

101 Stops
Console: Solid Butcher Block Construction, Walnut or Oak Standard Finishes
Console Dimensions: 76"W x 56"H x 58"D
Number of Manuals: 5
# of Stops: 101
Expression Pedals: Divided with Crescendo
Pedal Board: AGO
Music Rack: Lighted/Solid/Lattice
Lift-lid Bench/Storage Area: Yes
Stop Controls: Mechanical Drawknobs
General Pistons: 15
Divisional Pistons: 6 Per Manual
Toe Studs: User Reconfigurable
Capture Memories: 40
Questions: 901-323-8888

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Allen Organs Sound Better

Acoustic PortraitAcoustic Portrait

Dry, crisp acoustics designed to make spoken words easy to understand can make music sound brittle and uninteresting. Organ sound, especially, comes alive in more resonant spaces. Most organs include obsolete digital reverb, to artificially imitate acoustics. But not Allen. Allen's revolutionary Acoustic Portrait™ produces the "real thing"!

Based on a remarkable technology called convolution, Acoustic Portrait realistically recreates the "sonic fingerprint" of actual rooms ranging from small churches to large, famous cathedrals. Don't let the acoustics of your room stand between you and beautiful music-making. Acoustic Portrait will add the dimension you've been missing.

The World's Finest Sampled Reverb!

GeniSys VoicesGeniSys Voices

Voice changes made easily!

GeniSys Voices™ Provide the tonal diversity of a comprehensive stop list to even the most modest instruments. GeniSys Voices set a new standard for organist-friendly operation and include sounds that enhance every style of worship and organ literature!

  • HD Sound
  • 2 Dedicated GeniSys Voice Stops per Organ Division
  • Over 250 different voices - organ stops, Grand Pianos, orchestral, keyboard and percussion voices
  • Adjustable volume and tuning per voice
  • Voice assignments remain until changed by organist
  • Voices capture to organ pistons
  • Voices can couple between Divisions

Specifications from World-Renowned Pipe Organs

From the multiple stop list versatility to the distinct sounds available in all ALLEN organs, each stop list is independently voiced with its own audio settings.


The "signature" specification that made Allen the world's favorite organ! Allen tonal directors created the specifications of Allen digital organs by selecting their favorite samples from fine pipe organs throughout the world.

English (mainly Willis samples)

Characterized by Diapasons and weighty reeds, this style of organ building was brought to its height by renowned 19th-century British organ craftsman Henry Willis.

Cavaillé--Coll/French Romantic

Progenitor and master of the 19th-century French style with fiery and dominant reeds; symphonic tonal schemes.


Neo-Baroque scalings by The Schlicker Organ Company; 20th-century revival of 17th-century North German ideals.

Arp Schnitger

Master German builder who brought the bright, incisive Werkprinzip style to its zenith.


Under the tonal direction of G. Donald Harrison, this company developed the American Classic tonal design, characterized by firm and articulate principals, bright mixtures and French-style reeds. Its versatility enables the American Classic to authentically perform a broad range of musical styles.


"The Mighty Wurlitzer" was perhaps the "gold standard" of theatre organs during the silent movie era. (optional)


Barton was mainly known in the Midwest area in the United States. Their most famous instrument was the theatre organ installed in the Chicago Stadium. Bartons were known for their "aggressive" voicing style. (optional)


Morton theatre organs "evolved" over the course of the silent movie era. Our digital samples are from a late 1920s organ that used higher wind pressures than the typical theatre organ and was known as one of Morton's "jazzier" instruments. (optional)

Most Realistic Pipe Soundpipe organ

A digital church organ is a unique product utilizing modern technology to reproduce an art form whose heritage comes from pipe organs.

Superior sound comes from a combination of greater experience sampling pipe organs and advanced sound-producing technology. Experience matters! Allen introduced the world's first digitally sampled organ in 1971, nearly two decades prior to its nearest competitor. Allen's current GeniSys™ technology includes up to 48 advanced DSP's (Digital Signal Processors) working in parallel; supercomputer power for superior sound production. And Allen organs can be voiced to perfection to any school of organ design!

Chosen for Sound - Preferred by Organists

Keyboard Options to Fit Any Need

industry standard keyboardsStandard Keyboards - The standard keyboards supplies with Allen church organs allow Allen to provid einstruments with Allen console features, quality, and sound at affordable prices.

Allen keyboardsPremium Keyboards - The exclusive Allen keyboard is designed to allow the musician to feel the music. These keyboards are built with a level of quality that is the envy of the industry. Each key stick is constructed of wood, felted pivor points, and can be individually adjusted to keep them consistent over the long-haul. The Allen keyboard utilizes sealed contacts and wood keysticks to provide the ultimate in touch and control. The level of quality and adjustability of Allen keyboards makes them the envy of the industry and the choice of discerning musicians.

draw knobs stop controlsStop Controls

The G220 can be customized to suit your personal and church organ requirements. Allen designs and builds its own controls to provide the highest quality at affordable procies. From state-of-the-art Lumitech stops with advanced LED's to moving drawknobs, every control choice reflected Allen's ucompromising standards that ensure years of maintenance-free service.

Allen expression shoesExpression Shoes

While plastic or wood expression shoes can be found on some church organs, they do not meet Allen's demanding quality standards. Cast Aluminum expression shoes are built to last a lifetime!

expression shoe cageThe expression shoe cage is fully metal, protecting the organ's interior against damage from pests entering the organ console. Just another example of Allen's dedication to quality and customers' needs.

GeniSys DisplayGeniSys Display

The world's easiest-to-use and most technologically advanced organ console interface system. GeniSys Display's full-color touch screen makes console control a "snap" without the complicated controls and cryptic messages of other systems. Today, a touch screen is a requirement of any advanced product.

Allen Organs are Built Better and Last Longer

Construction Quality

Allen VeneerUsing select woods and veneers, Allen craftsmen blend modern and traditional woodworking techniques to assure precision shaping and hand-crafted console assembly. No "knock-down" quality in an Allen Organ.

Allen Organ interiorAllen is the only digital church organ builder to fully finish the interior wood of the console to protect it during its many years of use.

All key electronic components are housed within a protective metal chassis to guard against electrical shocks, another Allen exclusive.