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The Pramberger Legacy

The roots of the Pramberger piano go back to Tyrol Austria in 1779 and a young woodworker named Joseph Johann Pramberger.   Joseph had the utmost respect for the tradition of craftsmanship and piano building.  The family secrets were passed down from generation to generation and in 1987, Joseph Pramberger founded the Pramberger Piano company.

Pramberger believed that a piano maker must only focus on performance without any concern for costs.  This commitment is demonstrated by the following features:


  • Craftsmanship — The craftsmen responsible for Pramberger pianos are trained by excellent piano makers in the U.S. and Europe.  The final adjustments & steps are completed in the U.S.
  • Renner-Pramberger Action — These actions are designed to give a lifetime of reliable performance.  They offer a premium balanced touch that is able to express every nuance of an artist's touch.
  • Bolduc Soundboards — Winter-cut, North American white spruce is used for it's ability to generate powerful tone throughout a wide dynamic range.  These soundboards are some of the most reliable and long-lasting soundboards available.
  • Materials — Only hardwoods (maple, oak, and beech) are selected for the construction.  While these woods are very strong, most manufacturers compromise with softer woods to save costs.

Stop by to see why Pramberger pianos are one of the most sought after, budget friendly pianos on the market.

Guaranteed Tradeback at Amro Music in MemphisGuaranteed Trade Back

We believe so strongly in Pramberger pianos that we give every purchaser a Lifetime Guaranteed Trade-back certificate.  The certificate states that you can trade your Pramberger piano back to Amro at any time and Amro will give you everything that you paid for it toward the purchase of any piano of equal or greater value.