Transform your living room into a concert hall by investing in a player piano system. 

Modern player piano systems are nearly invisible on your piano, operate from digital files, and are controlled remotely from your phone or iPad. There are no unsightly boxes hanging from your piano and no CDs or rolls to load. Not to mention, a live performer can actually sit down and play your instrument just like a traditional piano without a player system.

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The new Steinway & Sons Spirio is the world's finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of artistry and engineering in your home, Spirio enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists - played with such nuance, power, and passion that it is utterly indistinguishable from a live performance.

Steinway Quality

The Steinway Spirio remains a fully-functioning Steinway & Sons piano, with the same level of painstaking craftsmanship that goes into every single instrument Steinway produces.

‘Buying a piano does not have to mean waiting for a pianist to play it at home. It’s a major leap, a milestone — with superb craftsmanship.’

— Lang Lang, Steinway Artist & Steinway Spirio Ambassador

World-Class Music

Each month, new music, videos, and curated playlists are released and featured in Steinway's Spirio Spotlight.

The high resolution library of repertoire is recorded in the Steinway & Sons Studios by a roster of over 1,700 Steinway Artists, exclusively for the Steinway Spirio, as well as significant historical performances by Steinway Immortals.

Superior Technology

Spirio's high resolution playback system uses proprietary software to measure hammer velocity (up to 1,020 dynamic levels at a rate of up to 800 samples per second) and proportional pedaling both for the damper pedal and soft pedal (up to 256 pedal positions at a rate of up to 100 samples per second).

The Steinway & Sons Spirio reveals the subtlety and passion of an artist's original performance. Soft trills, delicate pedaling, and thundering fortissimos present no difficulty for Spirio — and are reproduced with unparalleled accuracy. The result is a precise revelation of the pianist's entire range of motion and emotion.

‘The Steinway Spirio is as close as one can get to hearing private recitals by world-class musicians.’

— The Telegraph (London)

Intuitive Design

The powerful Steinway sound, the ever-expanding content library, and high resolution technology are all easily accessible through the Steinway Spirio app — an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

A complimentary iPad is included with the purchase of a Spirio.

Want to know more? Click here to download the Spirio Brochure.


QRS Pianomation

Amro Music can install player piano systems using QRS Music Technology. Our player systems feature:

  • Backward and forward compatibility, ensuring that your piano’s player technology stays as relevant today (and tomorrow) as it was when you purchased it
  • Nothing to detract from your piano’s beauty
  • Wireless control
  • Simple to use interface
  • Adjustable controls for better sound
  • WiFi capability
  • Stealth updates, instant music purchases, and easy playlist creation. 

If you have piano that has been well maintained, Amro can install a piano player system on it.  If your existing piano is not appropriate for a player piano system, we can discuss trading it for the new or used piano of your choice.

Listen to performances of the greats, from Rachmaninoff to Oscar Peterson to Diana Krall to Billy Joel, performed in your own home on your piano.  The library of songs is virtually endless and includes pop, show tunes, jazz, classical, sacred, Christmas, Country & Western, holiday, and more.  And it's all easily downloaded, stored, organized, and played, right from your couch.

A player piano system allows your piano to come alive and play with the expression of the original artist.  When you like, it can play at very low volumes for soft background music.  And you can even plug it into a speaker or sound system and have a full orchestra play along!  Imagine your favorite artists playing and singing with your piano. It sounds like a live performance.

Many of Amro's new pianos are available with the player piano system pre-installed. Amro technicians can also install the system on your existing piano or a new or used piano you select.  

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