Our piano service team comprises staff with a collective experience of over 100 years! Our Steinway-certified technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and prepared to help you improve the sound and touch of your piano. Whether it's time for a routine tuning or your piano needs extensive repairs or rebuilding, we have the skills, equipment, and facilities to make it happen. Tunings and many other services can often be completed in your home!

We offer a wide array of services, including:

Piano Tuning

Amro has over 98 years of experience tuning, maintaining, and restoring pianos for Mid-South families and hobbyists, as well as the area's prominent concert halls, churches, schools, teachers, and professional pianists.

Piano Moving

Amro Music has professional piano movers with many years of experience moving pianos and organs daily. Amro piano movers know how to protect your piano or organ, and they have all the specific tools, dollies, ramps, pads, straps, and trucks to complete the job efficiently and correctly.

Piano Restoration and Rebuilding

Amro Music has served the Mid-South since 1921 and has acquired an international reputation for its restoration work. Amro has restored pianos not only for discriminating Mid-South piano owners and performance venues but for piano owners worldwide, including Japan, Italy, Spain, China, and Chile

Piano Appraisal

Amro Music has the expert staff, long-term experience, and national credibility to provide certified piano appraisals that are accepted and recognized for estate settlement or insurance valuation, as well as purchase or resale.  As a large purchaser and reseller of pianos, from inexpensive verticals to concert grands and art-case collectibles, Amro knows what pianos are selling for in the current market.

Contact us at 901-302-3361 to book your piano service appointment.