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Piano Restoration & Repair

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Piano Restoration & Repair

piano restoration at Amro Music, MemphisPiano restoration — also known as piano rebuilding, piano refurbishing, and piano reconditioning — helps bring a piano back to its original beauty, tone, and performance. Piano refinishing restores the piano's finish either to its original finish or to another selected finish.

Steinways and other high quality or heirloom pianos are often excellent candidates for restoration. A properly restored and maintained piano can remain viable and valuable for well over a hundred years.

Amro Music has served the Mid-South since 1921 and has acquired an international reputation for its restoration work. Amro has restored pianos not only for discriminating Mid-South piano owners and performance venues, but for piano owners around the world including Japan, Italy, Spain, China, Chile, and other countries.

Amro employs a staff of experienced professional technicians, many of whom have trained at the Steinway factory in New York. Only the highest quality parts and materials are used, including original Steinway parts for Steinway restorations. All Amro restorations are covered by a five-year parts and labor warranty. Loaner pianos are available during the restoration process.


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For more information or to schedule services, please contact Tracy Rappel at (901) 302-3361, use the form below, or e-mail Tracy here.

Some before and after pictures of Amro's piano restorations:

  • Before Restoration
  • Before Restoration
  • Refinished grand piano
  • Piano keys after restoration
  • Top detail of refinished grand piano
  • Restored 1906 Steinway
  • Refinished Art Deco Grand
  • Ehrbar Austrian grand - partially rebuild and fitted with a player
  • Leg detail of restored Austrian Ehrbar grand piano
  • 1902 Louis XV grand piano restored by Amro
  • Leg detail of Louis XV grand piano
  • Restored 1902 gilded music rack