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Piano Rentals

A quality piano is essential to learning to play the piano.

You can rent a piano for as little as $29 a month! 

Amro has a large inventory of over 250 new and used pianos to choose from, including such famous brands as

New & Used Steinway Pianos | Amro Music, Memphis, TN    New & Used Boston Pianos | Amro Music, Memphis, TN     New & Used Essex Pianos | Amro Music, Memphis, TN

 Henry F Miller pianos  Pramberger pianos, new and used    Roland Digital Pianos | Amro Music Memphis, TN.

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Why rent?

Most teachers recommend acoustic pianos or select digital pianos instead of portable keyboards which lack full-size, weighted keys, pedal action, and the tonal range of acoustic and digital pianos.  Renting is an affordable way to try a piano that’s suitable for lessons before you buy.

Amro piano rental allows you to apply a full year of your rental payments towards the purchase of the piano you're renting or another piano of equal or greater value.

New or used, vertical or grand, ebony or natural wood, acoustic or electric, Amro has a piano that will look great in your home and allow maximum progress in playing.  All of Amro's pianos are available for rental.

Browse available pianos!

grand pianonew or used pianodigital piano                  

Amro Music's Piano Rental Program:

  • Affordable rental rates on all new and used pianos and digital pianos
  • Up to 12 months of rental payments may be applied towards the purchase of any piano of equal or greater value.
  • Rent as long as you like!
  • Rental rates start as low as $29 a month!
  • For $25 off your first month's rental, click here for a printable coupon!

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Short-Term Rentals

Looking for a piano for your event?  Click here for more information.