Piano Appraisal

An investment in a piano, especially a fine piano, is typically substantial.  Knowing what it's worth — whether to purchase, insure, replace, sell, or settle an estate — simply makes good sense. 

Amro Music has the expert staff, long-term experience, and national credibility to provide certified piano appraisals that are accepted and recognized for estate settlement or insurance valuation, as well as purchase or resale.  As a large purchaser and reseller of pianos, from inexpensive verticals to concert grands and art-case collectibles, Amro knows what pianos are selling for in the current market.

grand piano for appraisalThe appraisal of every piano requires careful examination of its particular condition including tuning stability, action, tone, and regulation — none of which are apparent from its appearance or brand and model.  Many pianos are rare and valuable for their histories and/or tone qualities.  Other pianos were valuable at one time but their current condition makes expensive repairs necessary or renders them worthless.  For example, a piano with a weak tuning pin block will not hold a tune, and replacing the pin block is beyond economic feasibility for all but the finest pianos.  Likewise, a soundboard that has lost its crown makes most pianos worthless.  However, contrary to popular belief, a crack in a soundboard is mostly a cosmetic issue that can be inexpensively repaired, and consequently, it hardly affects the value of a piano.  Amro's piano appraisers thoroughly check the condition of a piano and set a value that avoids later surprises. 

Amro appraises pianos in Memphis and throughout the Mid-South and can usually complete an appraisal within a few days.

To inquire about piano appraisal or schedule an appointment, call our service department at (901) 302-3361.