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Our Chairman 

Chip Averwater

Amro Chairman Chip Averwater is part of the 3rd generation of the Amro Averwaters.  His grandfather, Mil Averwater, started Amro in 1921; his father, Bob, and his uncle, Ron, preceded him as president; his brother, Pat, is current president; Chip's son, CJ, (4th generation) is vice president; Chip's nephew, Nick, (4th generation) is a manager; and Chip's grandson, Miles (5th generation) is a future Amro employee (hopefully).

Chip played clarinet, guitar, bass, and organ growing up.  He began working at Amro Saturdays and summers at 12, polishing instruments and sweeping floors.  He has a Bachelor's in German and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Chip is author of the book "Retail Truths," has been a keynote speaker on music education and retailing in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, served as Chairman of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, and as president of Play It Again Memphis, a charity that provides musical instruments to underprivileged Mid-South band students, .

4 Gens
Four generations of Amro (1984) 
Chip Averwater, C.J. Averwater, 
Bob Averwater,
and founder Mil Averwater 
Current Amro management 
Chip Averwater (chairman), 
C.J. Averwater (vice president),
Nick Averwater (manager)
Pat Averwater (president) 


Management in training:
Chip Averwater with grandson
Miles (5th generation)


Play It Again Memphis Board
Play It Again Memphis Board of Directors
PIAM provides musical instruments
to kids who can't afford them. 
Chip was the longtime PIAM president.

 Chip Averwater w NAMM Ex Com
  NAMM Executive Committee
Joe Lamond, Larry Morton
Chip Averwater, Tom Schmitt, Kevin Cranley
NAMM is the International Music Products Assoc
and Chip served as chairman.
Chip Averwater w Jim Cooper
Chip Averwater &
TN Congressman Jim Cooper
Congressman Cooper is a banjo player
and strong supporter of music education 


Chip Averwater w Congressman Steve Cohen
TN Congressman Steve Cohen,
Sec of Education Richard Riley,
& Amro's Chip Averwater. 
Congressman Cohen is a strong supporter
of music education as is Secretary Riley.
Chip Averwater w Senator Lamar Alexander
Amro's Chip Averwater &
TN Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Alexander sponsored
a Senate resolution recognizing
the benefits of music education.  


Chip Averwater & Skunk Baxter
Dr. Willie Hill, Chairman of MENC
& Amro's Chip Averwater
MENC & NAMM are allies for music ed.  


Skunk Baxter, guitarist
(Steely Dan & Doobie Brothers)
& Chip Averwater
Skunk is a spokesman for music ed. 


Washington Panel on Music Education
f l: Dionne Warwick, Mary Luehrson,
Frank Alkyer, Susan Lipp,
Chip Averwater, Dennis Houlihan


 Chip Averwater at Rose Parade
NAMM's Believe in Music Float
2008 Rose Parade
f l: Chip Averwater, Olamide Faison,
Rosita, Bob McGrath, Joe Lamond  
Chip Averwater & Mike Huckaby
Mike Huckabee & Chip Averwater
Mike is an avid musician and
excellent spokesman for music education  


Chip Averwater & Henry Steinway
Chip Averwater & Henry Z. Steinway
Amro has been the MidSouth's
Steinway dealer since 1963.


Rally in support of school funding.
When county school budgets were threatened
Amro helped organize support.
Funding passed narrowly.


Chip Averwater & Ikataro Kakehashi
  Dennis Houlian, President of Roland US,
Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland founder,
Chip Averwater, Amro Music.
Besides inventing outstanding
musical instruments, Mr. K. helped create MIDI.
Americans for Arts President Bob Lynch,
NAMM President Joe Lamond,
and Amro Music's Chip Averwater
NAMM & Americans for the Arts
have created several prominent
national arts education campaigns together.


Chip Averwater
Amro Music's Chip Averwater
speaking at the
Global Summit of Music Making 


Chip Averwater
Joe Lamond, NAMM president,
Chip Averwater, NAMM chairman.
Grand Opening, 2008 NAMM Show,
one of the largest conventions in the US.


  Amro's Chip Averwater,
Congressman Dale Kildee,
Senior member of the House
Committee on Education & Workforce.


Chip Averwater & Senator Lamar Alexander
Washington Meeting
TN Senator Lamar Alexander,
Secretary of Education, Richard Riley,
NAMM President Joe Lamond,
Amro Music's Chip Averwater


 Chip Averwater w Steinway & Yamaha CEOs
Dana Messina, Steinway CEO
Chip Averwater, Amro Chairman
Yoshi Doi, Yamaha CEO