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Orchestra Rentals

Violas in orchestra class

Most orchestra students begin with a rented instrument.  Some of the advantages of renting over buying include:

  • Students can try the instrument to be sure it's what they want to play.
  • The rental instrument takes the initial wear-and-tear of learning to handle and take care of the instrument.
  • Renting allows time to see how serious the student will be and thus determine what kind of instrument is right for the longer term.
  • String players play progressively larger instruments as they grow and renting allows them to move up when they're ready.
  • The maintenance and replacement plan keeps the instrument playing well, repairs it if it's damaged, and replaces it if it's lost or stolen.
  • A portion of rent paid in the first twelve months can be applied to the purchase of an instrument.

Renting an instrument is simple and inexpensive.  You choose the one you want; we can help.  Rent is as little as $21 per month.  You may continue renting for as long as you like or return it to Amro.

Why get your instrument from Amro?

Viola with bow

Amro has been helping families make music since 1921, and is still run by the Averwater family (now the third and fourth generations). We serve musicians in the Memphis and Nashville areas.

Amro helps beginning and advancing school musicians with their instruments, accessories, and music all day every day.  School musicians aren't a sideline for Amro — they are Amro's main business.

When you rent from Amro we promise:

Violin student

  • Expert help finding the right instrument.  (We're familiar with what your teacher recommends.)
  • Appropriate quality instruments guaranteed right for school orchestra   
  • Low initial cost
  • No security deposit
  • Maintenance & replacement  plan to cover your instrument if it's damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • No long-term commitment or obligation to buy
  • Option to change instruments
  • Option to move up in size
  • Option to step up and apply your rent to another instrument
  • Quick repairs and adjustments, with the largest on-site repair shop in the area
  • Amro service:  seven full-time educational representatives serve schools all over the Mid-South.


There's a reason more Mid-Southerners rent from Amro than all the other stores combined.

Ready to rent? Click the link below to rent your instrument today!

Rent a musical instrument

Do you still have questions about renting an instrument?  Here are some FAQs about renting.  Or give us a call at (901) 323-8888 or email us here.