Amro Music Educator Walk of FameThe Amro Music Educator Walk of Fame recognizes music educators who have had a powerful and exemplary impact on Mid-South music students.  The names of those elected to the Walk of Fame are engraved in the bricks at the entrance to Amro.

The primary criteria for election to the Amro Music Educator Walk of Fame are:

  • Influence on music students manifested not only in outstanding musical abilities but also in life skills and citizenship
  • A strong appreciation of music, music-making, and music education
  • The respect and appreciation of students and their application of the life lessons and guidance provided 

Students deciding to pursue music education as a career are often excellent indicators, as a student choosing to do with his/her life what the teacher has done with his/hers is often the ultimate approval rating. The music education provided can be at any age or level, on any musical instrument, in any style of music, and for any format of education (e.g., private teaching, public education, administration).

Educators elected to the Walk of Fame so far include David Willson, Dr. J. D. KellyJim Holcomb, Dr. Steve Katz, John Easley, Karen Henning, Katrine Aho, Johnny McGlown, George Pokorski, Elva Kaye Lance, Billie Jenkins, Steve Warner, Diane Evans, Karla Philipp, Steve Haffly, Cindy Haffly, Ken Lewis, Dr. Sidney McKay, Barry Trobaugh, E. "Tommie" Pardue, Cathy Williams, Jeffrey L. Huddleston, Nola Jones, Darlene B. Williamson, David Ryan, Phil Burns, Linda Davis, Danny Davis, Randal Box, Joe Utsey, John Mixon, Dennis Cox, and Sandy Triplett.

Nominations are made by the public and can be made at any time. Nominations that are not selected immediately are held for future consideration.  Multiple nominations are appreciated but the selection is not made according to the number of nominations but on the influence of the music educator; in the case of multiple nominations all examples of influence will be consolidated for consideration.

Help us recognize those outstanding music educators who are so important to our children and the future of music.  Nominate the music teacher who most influenced your life.  Your nomination doesn't need to be formal, but your example of his or her influence will be valued and appreciated.