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Lowrey Virtual Orchestra

Lowrey Virtual Orchestra

"Play What You Like, Like What You Play."

Never before has it been so easy to make music! The Lowrey Virtual Orchestra makes it possible to make music with even just one finger. Lowrey's "One-Touch" approach emphasizes enjoyment, accessibility, and socialization as an integral part of the music making experience.

See the Lowrey Virtual Orchestra in Action!

When you play a Lowrey, you have fun, you learn along the way, and you make new friends!

What is Virtual Orchestra?

lowrey ez2At the heart Virtual Orchestra dramatically expands music making opportunities and makes learning easy. No matter what song you like, you always have the right instrument. Create dynamic musical landscapes with the built-in sounds and accompaniment engines. Choose to sound like a pianist, a guitarist, or even a full band - all the the push of a fingertip.

As you improve, progress through the various Lowrey models, adding features, keyboards, and sounds you will love playing!

Lowrey Magic Class Program

lowrey magicIf the the professional-quality instruments are the heart of the Lowrey experience, then the "feet" of Lowrey's approach to music making is the 10-week Lowrey Magic class program.

Currently open to individuals ages 50 and over, the program utilizes technology, wellness strategies, and learning methods geared specifically toward adult learners.


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