Music Repair Shop

The music repair shop at Amro has 20 instrument repair technicians on staff. These technicians complete approximately 13,000 instrument repairs per year. Many repairs are completed on the same day. 

If you have a repair question, get in touch with our shop using the form below, or you can give us a call!




Maintenance and Replacement Plan

If your child's instrument gets damaged, we'll repair it or provide you with a replacement. If it's stolen or lost in a fire, we'll replace it. Even if it simply needs routine maintenance or adjustment, we'll take care of it.

Plan Features:
  • Repairs accidental damage
  • Replaces instruments stolen or lost in a fire
  • Maintains the instrument in top playing condition
  • Guarantees priority service and fast turnaround
  • Any instrument purchased or rented from Amro is eligible for the plan
  • Costs as low as $6 per month