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French horn

The French horn is among the most sophisticated and refined of the band instruments.  It has a beautiful mellow tone that blends well with other instruments.

The French horn is held with the right hand inside the bell and is one of the few instruments that has keys played with the left hand. 

TFrench horn playerhe sound is made by "buzzing" the lips on the mouthpiece; the mouthpiece and the instrument amplify the sound.  The different notes are made by pressing the keys on the instrument and changing the pressure of the lips.

Both boys and girls play the French horn and there are many professional French horn players of both sexes.

French horn is a moderately difficult instrument to learn, but can be played by almost everyone with some practice.

Here's a French horn in performance:

Here are some more French horn performances and some French horn tips and tricks.

Why Play French Horn?

There are some good reasons to choose French horn:

Student playing French horn
  • French horn makes a beautiful mellow sound.
  • French horns are in high demand in the band because there aren't many of them. 
  • Band directors love French horn players (and always give them good grades). 
  • Some of the most beautiful symphony music is written for French horn.
  • Although not the easiest instrument to learn, anyone who practices can learn it in a reasonable amount of time.
  • If you have any previous background in music (piano, violin, etc.) you can easily become  a good French hornist.
  • There are lots of college scholarships for French horn.

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