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Flute for school band

The flute is one of the most popular instruments in the band or orchestra.  It has a beautiful mellow tone and is a lead instrument, often carrying the melody.

Flute player in school band

Producing a tone on the flute is similar to blowing across the top of a bottle.  Once you can make that sound, simply use the keys to change the notes.

Flute isn't hard to learn — like all the instruments, it just takes some practice. 

Many girls choose the flute, but boys can also play flute.

Here's an example of flute music:

Here are some of our favorite flute performances and a few flute tips and tricks.  

Why Play Flute?

Student playing flute in school bandThere are lots of great reasons to play flute.

  • The flute makes a beautiful, soothing sound. 
  • Flutes often play the melody or lead parts in a band.
  • Flutists get front-row seats in the band.
  • Flute is fun to play in duets and ensembles, and sounds good with almost all other instruments.
  • The flute is small and easy to carry.
  • Flute is not difficult to learn. With practice you can be as good as you want to be.
  • It’s easy to find music for flute. (A flute is in the key of C, so music doesn’t have to be transposed.)
  • Flutes sound good in all types of music—classical, modern, rock, jazz, pop, easy listening, gospel, contemporary Christian, etc.
  • Once you can play flute you can also play piccolo. Other woodwind instruments (clarinets and saxophones) play similarly and are easy for flutists to learn.

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