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Fiddle Fair

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March 1-2, 2019


Fiddle Clinics hosted by Alice Hasen on Saturday, March 2

11 AM - 12 PM 

Session One (Beginner level): Tunes Every Beginner Fiddle Player Should Know

  1. Star of the County Down  - Download pdf 
  2. Old Joe Clark  -  Download pdf
  3. Red Haired Boy  -  Download pdf

Alice will go through and teach these tunes "from scratch" to beginner fiddlers looking to add to their repertoire.  Once the tunes are learned, we will discuss how to embellish them with simple fiddle techniques.  A backing band will be present to help fiddlers jam and bring these tunes to life!  No prior knowledge of the fiddle is required, but students will be asked to either sight-read or learn to pick up a tune by ear.

1 - 2:15 PM 

Session Two (Intermediate / Advanced level): Masterclass Workshop

Alice invites five intermediate / advanced-level fiddlers up to the stage to workshop a fiddle tune of their choice.  Participants will begin by performing their tune with the band.  Alice will listen and provide feedback to each player in a fifteen-minute “mini-lesson” that will culminate in another performance of the (new and improved) tune if the participant chooses.  Even though only five fiddlers will be able to participate in the class, musicians of all levels and ages are welcome to attend as audience members.  Much can be gained from listening in!

The five participants will be signed up on a first-come, first served basis.  All participants are asked to submit a copy of their tune to Alice via AMRO as soon as they are signed up, so we can pass it along to the backing band and audience. If interested in being one of the five, please email our event coordinator, Maigan Smith, at maigansmith@amromusic.com. Please attach your piece of music in the email to be given to Alice.

Alice Hasen bio:

Alice was born in Burlington, Vermont, but is proud to call Memphis her home.  Joining the AMRO team in 2017, she is a part-time member of the Band & Orchestra team.  During the rest of the week, you can find her playing fiddle professionally in various bands, including Blackwater Trio and Alice Hasen & the Blaze.  With three years of past experience as a band director, Alice enjoys helping young players find their first instruments and matching developing musicians with their "friend for life." To learn more about Alice and her talents, visit her website at AliceHasen.com.

Please RSVP for the Fiddle Clinics with Alice Hasen below.