If we rent a used instrument, can we get a new one sometime?

Yes. In fact, the rent you pay for the initial months of rental can be applied toward the purchase of the new or used instrument of your choice.

How do I pay my rental payments?

Most people choose to have their payments debited monthly from their checking account or charged to their credit card.  If you don't choose one of these options, our accounting office can mail you a payment book.  You can also call us and make your payment over the phone.  If you want to mail in your payment, send it to Amro Accounting, 2918 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111.  Or you can make a payment online!  Just fill out our handy bill-pay form.

Why do I need Maintenance & Replacement protection?  Won't my homeowner's insurance cover this instrument?

Your homeowner's insurance might cover it for theft and fire but you'd probably have a deductible, sometimes as much as $500.  Amro's Maintenance & Replacement is a full replacement with no deductible and covers the instrument, whether at home or not.  More importantly, M&R also covers accidental damage and repairs or replacement.

What if my child no longer wants to play music?

Sometimes playing music simply doesn't work out.  We hope this doesn't happen to your child, but it does happen to some.  If your child complains that music is too hard, please encourage him/her to keep trying; a little practice can make playing more fun.  He or she will thank you for your persistence and encouragement later.  However, if all your encouragement is to no avail, you have the option of returning your instrument to Amro at the end of your rental period.

How do we return the instrument to Amro if we no longer need it?

You can drop it by Amro anytime and we'll give you a receipt.  If it's too far for you to come to Amro, you can ship it to us by Fed Ex.  If you like, you can call us at 1-901-323-8888 and request a pre-paid Fed Ex shipping label.  (Please remember that you are still responsible for the instrument and the rent until we receive the instrument.)

We found a cheaper instrument.  Can we return the one we rented?

Of course, but please be sure that the instrument you've found is appropriate.  An instrument that doesn't play well or won't stay in tune is a tremendous discouragement to a child and is often the direct reason for them quitting.  Many instruments that look similar to the one you're renting won't play in tune with the rest of the band or have problems staying in adjustment.  And used instruments almost always need repairs to make them play properly.  Your teacher can tell you if the brand and model are appropriate for band, and an instrument repair technician can tell you what the instrument needs to play correctly.