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The Steinway-designed Essex piano incorporates the latest design specifications and engineering standards from Steinway & Sons.  In keeping with Steinway's commitment to excellence,  Steinway & Sons provides technical assistance for the production of Essex pianos, to insure that Essex pianos are made to the specifications established by Steinway.  And every Essex instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory.

You don't have to be a concert pianist to experience the full enjoyment of playing the piano.  Essex pianos offer players the ability to experience the magic of a Steinway & Sons designed piano at an affordable price.

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Guaranteed Tradeback at Amro Music in MemphisGuaranteed Trade Back

We believe so strongly in Essex pianos that we give every purchaser a Lifetime Guaranteed Trade-back certificate.  The certificate states that you can trade your Essex piano back to Amro at any time and Amro will give you everything that you paid for it toward the purchase of any piano of equal or greater value.  That's better than any warranty — it's total peace of mind. Who knows?  Maybe you'll do so well with piano you'll want to move up to a Boston or Steinway.





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