Director's Speech at Beginning Band Concert

Director's Speech at Beginner Concert

Good evening and welcome to the first concert of the 20xx ____________ School Band. I’m ___________________, band director at ___________________ School, and it’s been my pleasure to work with these students for the last few months.

The students seated before you have made great strides in a very short time. Most of them had never played a musical instrument before August. They’ve learned not only how to make music on their instruments, but also how to read music, how to play together as a musical group, proper band etiquette and discipline, and most of all how to practice and persevere. I think you’ll be impressed with what you hear.

We are extremely fortunate to be in a school system that supports the arts. At this time it’s my pleasure to introduce our school principal, Mr./Ms. __________________, who is going to introduce the first selection being played.

The next number we’re going to play shows off their __________ skills. To play this they’ve had to learn __________________________. This piece is called ___________.

Thank you. I’d like to tell you a few facts about studying music. Studies have shown that band and orchestra students consistently score higher on standardized tests. They learn critical thinking skills that will stay with them all of their lives. And band/orchestra teaches group participation, leadership, perseverance, self-motivation, and self-discipline.

And now I’d like to give you an idea of what this band will be working on the next few months and what activities we’ll be involved in. …

 And now we'll play ____

Thank you. On behalf of these students, I’d like to recognize and give a wholehearted “Thanks!” to you, their supportive parents, family and friends. Learning to play an instrument isn’t easy, for both the player and those he or she lives with. Encouragement and support are very important in those first few months. So we’d like to dedicate this next song to you, with our appreciation and thanks.

Thank you. Please give our 20xx ________ School Band a round of applause as they take their well-deserved bows. For four short months, aren’t they great?! And thank you again for your support and encouragement.

The next time you hear us, we’re going to be even better—if you can imagine that.