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Your band, orchestra, or private instructor is a fantastic resource for knowing when the right time to step-up will be. The experts at Amro are also happy to answer any questions you may have, regardless of where your final purchase decision may be.

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A step-up instrument is just what it sounds like: an instrument that is the next step up in musical instruction.

When most students join the band, they start out on beginner-level instruments. These are good quality instruments that are economical; because they are cheaper, or can be rented out, the beginner instruments are a good start for young players who are interested in playing an instrument but aren’t completely committed yet.

Beginner instruments are made from durable, smaller materials, which allow small hands to play the instrument more easily and can often drop instruments without breaking them. Plus, beginner instruments can be easier to play, giving young musicians confidence as they first start out. When the musician has progressed in his or her training and has shown a greater desire to pursue music education, a step-up instrument is recommended.

Step-up instruments are made from higher-level materials, which allow the instrument to produce warmer, more resonant tones. These instruments are also handcrafted, making each one unique. This means the musician may have to try out a few step-up instruments to find one that works well and is easily played.