Regular communication with the beginners' parents is essential to gaining and keeping their support. The progress report is designed to be sent approximately 30 days after beginner classes begin. Just like report cards from school, parents need to know how their child is doing in all activities. Keeping in touch with parents is necessary to help parents feel that band is worth the time, money, and energy. It also lets parents know when their child is doing well or unsatisfactorily. 

As a band or orchestra director, your time with your students is during rehearsal; for parents, they have much more time to gauge how much their child enjoys your class, how much time they are practicing at home, and what they are hoping to learn from you.This feedback is important to your teaching regimen for each student.

The "Note" line on the reports linked below can be used for any message you want to send. Compliments, such as "Good tone production," "This student is a pleasure," "Leads the section," or "Always well prepared," can win immediate support from uncertain parents.

Letters of Encouragement

Letter to Parents to Encourage Retention

Progress Report

We also have several other resources available at your request, including:

  • Letter to Parents to Encourage Parental Support
  • Letter to Parents of Beginners - Head off drop outs
  • Letter to Parents of Beginners - Considering dropping out
  • Letter to Parents of Band Students not scheduled for Band


Contact us here to request those resources.

Below are some of our other favorite resources concerning parental involvement in your band or orchestra program. 

"Music Parents We Couldn't Do Without Them!" by Marcia Neal. Published in School Band and Orchestra Magazine, Dec. 2015. 

"Parents' Roles" by Charles Menghini. Published in School Band and Orchestra Magazine, Oct. 2014.