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What is the Cello?

The cello is a larger string instrument in the violin family, bigger than viola but smaller than the upright bass. It has a lower, very mellow tone that is often described as relaxing. It's played like a violin and viola except the cello rests on the floor. It can be played with either a bow or your hands.

There are many different ways that you can play the cello. It is often used as an accompaniment instrument, but some outstanding cellists play it beautifully as a solo act. Cello is not difficult to play.  As with any instrument, you get what you put into it. Practice makes perfect, and the cello is a great beginner instrument.


Cello Sizes

There are many different sizes to the cello. Especially if a child is starting to play from a young age, it is important that it fits its owner. Most adults will play the 4/4 size instrument, although petite individuals or those with small hands may use a 7/8 size. In order to make sure you have the proper size, you can get a teacher or professional to measure you.

Sizing Information


Cello Care

With the proper care, your instrument can last for many years to come. Despite being a large instrument, the cello is fragile and requires proper maintenance to maintain its sound and condition. Careful handling is necessary before and after playing, as well as adequate cleaning and storage. It is easy for a cello to get excessive rosin buildup on its surface, so regular cleaning is a must.

Maintenance Checklist


Why play the Cello?

There are lots of great reasons to play cello.

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  • The cello sound is very mellow and smooth. Most people say cello is relaxing.
  • You can play cello in lots of musical styles, from classical to rock to hip-hop to R&B to bluegrass—almost any kind of music you like.
  • Lots of beautiful concertos and sonatas have been written for cello.
  • It's fun to play cello in an orchestra, but it also sounds good solo and in string duets, trios, quartets, and other ensembles.
  • Cello blends well with almost all other instruments.
  • Cello has been featured in popular songs by Aerosmith, the Beatles, Cher, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and lots more.
  • Cello isn't hard—with some practice you can be playing music in a few weeks.
  • Orchestras always need cellists, and you can usually get a college scholarship.
  • Once you can play cello it's easy to play other string instruments like violin, viola, and bass.


Select Your Cello

Amro Music has a wide selection of fine cellos for sale, as well as rentals. Many students will choose to rent a cello at first, then will buy their own once they realize how much they love to play it. We provide services to the Memphis and Nashville areas. Browse our selection of cellos, and call us with any questions.

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Many styles of music can be played with the cello. We have put together a collection of our favorite cello performances here.

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