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The cello is a larger string instrument, bigger than viola but smaller than the upright bass.   It has a lower, very mellow tone that is often described as relaxing.

It's played like a violin and viola except the cello rests on the floor. 

The cello is often used as an accompaniment instrument but some outstanding cellists play it beautifully as a solo instrument.

Cello is not difficult to play.  With a little practice you can play cello; with a lot of practice you can be as good as you want to be.

Here's an example of cello music:


Here are some more cello performances as well as our favorite cello tips and tricks. 

Why play the Cello?

There are lots of great reasons to play cello.

  • Girl playing celloThe cello sound is very mellow and smooth. Most people say cello is relaxing.
  • You can play cello in lots of musical styles, from classical to rock to hip-hop to R&B to bluegrass—almost any kind of music you like.
  • Lots of beautiful concertos and sonatas have been written for cello.
  • It's fun to play cello in an orchestra, but it also sounds good solo and in string duets, trios, quartets, and other ensembles.
  • Cello blends well with almost all other instruments.
  • Cello has been featured in popular songs by Aerosmith, the Beatles, Cher, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and lots more.
  • Cello isn't hard—with some practice you can be playing music in a few weeks.
  • Orchestras always need cellists and you can usually get a college scholarship.
  • Once you can play cello it's easy to play other string instruments like violin, viola, and bass.