Welcome to Bluff City Strings, an exciting new division of Amro Music!

It was in October of 1921 that Amro Studios opened on the second floor at 166 South Main, then cobblestone and traveled by street cars and early model Fords. In the beginning, the firm was strictly a studio for piano lessons, taught by Mil Averwater and his business partner, both of whom had studied piano in Cincinnati. Amro eventually expanded to the sale of instruments, first as an accommodation to students but ultimately as the mainstay. 

As school music programs grew in popularity, Amro introduced an instrument rental plan. Mil and others of the firm traveled the gravel roads of Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri, calling on school music programs and often staying overnight in the directors' homes. Today, nearly 100 years later, Amro Music has grown above and beyond the original vision of the piano studio in Downtown Memphis into something truly unique to Memphis and the Mid-South. It is still owned and operated today by the Averwater family, now in the fourth generation.

Orchestral musicians of all ages and skill levels are invited to Bluff City Strings, a division of Amro Music.  Bluff City Strings offers orchestral musicians of all levels the opportunity to find their perfect instrument, ranging from rentals for beginning musicians to hand-crafted instruments for the most demanding players. We hand-select our instruments from highly reputable makers from across the world.

Bluff City Strings exists to: 

  • equip instructors across the Mid-South with resources to help their students be successful
  • stock unique, high-quality, handcrafted instruments that cater to the needs of advancing players
  • provide a one-on-one, personalized instrument selection experience for our guests
  • combine Amro Music's 100-year tradition of excellence with the needs of modern-day string instructors and advancing musicians

Want to know more? Explore our resources below to find out how you can get involved.