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String bass or Upright bass

The bass is sometimes called the "Double Bass," "Upright Bass," "Bass Violin," "Contrabass," or "String Bass" — they're all the same instrument. 

The bass looks a lot like a violin but it's much larger and has a deeper sound. 

Its very low tone creates the foundation for orchestral music.

The bass is used in lots of music styles like classical, jazz, rock, country, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk, and many others.

While a lot of music for bass is meant to be played with a whole orchestra, there is also much for smaller groups and there are even some bass solos.

Boy playing upright bass

A bass player is called a bassist and usually sits on a high stool or stands when playing. 

The bass can be played with a bow or plucked with the fingers, depending on the sound wanted.

Both boys and girls play bass.  They simply have to be big enough to reach playing position and the stretch of the notes.

Although the bass is large, it's not louder than other stringed instruments.  The notes are just lower.

Bass is not a difficult instrument to play — anyone who is willing to practice can be a good bassist.

 Here are some of our favorite Bass Performances and a few Bass Tips and Tricks.

Here's an example of bass playing with an orchestra.


Why Play Bass?


There are lots of great reasons to play bass.

  • The bass makes a beautiful, soothing sound.
  • Upright basses are needed in lots of music groups, from orchestras to string ensembles to bluegrass bands and for lots of popular music.
  • The bass's unusual sound makes it suitable for everything from solos to harmonies to foundation bass.
  • The bass isn't difficult to learn.  With practice you can be as good as you want to be. 

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