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Most students begin their musical journey with a rented instrument. Why rent an instrument when you can buy one or get a hand-me-down from a relative? One of the many reasons that renting is a good option is it allows a student to start on a high-quality musical instrument that’s both affordable and durable. A rental program also includes the option to return the instrument, should your student decide they no longer want to participate in music.  Amro has proudly been a band instrument rental institution for many years, helping students and professionals find the instruments they need in the greater Memphis area.

Rented InstrumentsWhy Should You Rent From Amro Music?

High-Quality Instruments

We provide high-quality instruments that are checked and adjusted by on-staff technicians. We select brands and models that are guaranteed appropriate for school band or orchestra. We also stock all of the accessories and books that your music teacher prefers.

We Come to You

We bring our services to you. Your Amro representative comes to your school on a regular schedule to make sure repairs, books, and accessories are taken care of.

Maintenance and Replacement Plan

We offer a comprehensive maintenance and replacement plan that covers not only the instrument, but also the case, zippers, latches, and the mouthpiece or bow. This plan keeps the rental instrument playing well, repairs it if it's damaged, and replaces it if it's lost or stolen.

Rent Is Applied to Purchase Price

A portion of the rent you pay can be applied to the purchase of your current instrument or a more advanced model.

What Is Included in My Rental Price?

Instrument rental with Amro Music is a simple and stress-free process. Simply choose the instrument you want and continue renting as long as you like, or return your instrument to Amro. There's no security deposit, no long-term commitment, and no obligation to purchase. More directors and more parents prefer Amro Music than all other Mid-South music stores combined.

The Amro Music rental program includes everything that’s needed for a young musician to begin playing. These items include:
  • A high-quality beginner instrument, suitable for a young musician making their first sounds
  • A bow or mouthpiece and/or ligature
  • A case
Here’s how the rental process works inside our Memphis, TN location:
  • ​When you come to Amro Music, one of our friendly associates will greet you. Let them know you’re interested in our rental program for band and orchestra instruments. They’ll review the rental process with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Complete one of our rental agreements. The agreement only takes a few minutes to fill out.
  • Select an instrument that matches your child’s needs and your budget. All of our instruments have been cleaned, sanitized, and guaranteed to be suitable for a young musician.
  • Select the accessories your child will need, such as reeds, a book, or care kit.
  • Take home your instrument that day and have it ready for the next day of class!

If you don’t live in the Memphis area, or you're not ready to venture to the store in person just yet, our online instrument rental process is just as easy. Your rental agreement can be completed at Once you’ve finished the online application, the instrument will be shipped directly to your child’s school.

Available Instrument Rentals

Amro Music helps thousands of people and students each year with their instrument rentals in Memphis. Whether you need an instrument, accessories, or sheet music, we have a variety of options to fit all of your needs. We carry the largest selection of band and orchestra instrument rentals in Memphis, TN, and the rest of the Midsouth. 

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Do you still have questions about renting?  Check out some FAQs about renting an instrument.  If you have any other questions, give us a call at (901) 323-8888 or email us here.