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Band & Orchestra Rentals

Rented InstrumentsMost students begin their musical journey with a rented instrument. Why rent an instrument when you can buy one for little to nothing or get a hand-me-down from a relative?

One of the many reasons that renting is a good option is that the student can try the instrument to be sure it's what they want to play. A band rental or orchestra rental instrument also takes the initial wear-and-tear of learning to play.

Renting with Amro Music is a simple and stress-free process. Choose the instrument you want. Rent for as little as $21 per month. Continue renting as long as you like or return your instrument to Amro. There's no security deposit, no long-term commitment, and no obligation to purchase. More directors and more parents prefer Amro Music than all other Mid-South music stores combined.

Why should you rent from Amro Music?
1. We provide instruments that are checked and adjusted by on-staff technicians. We select brands and models that are guaranteed appropriate for school band or orchestra. We also stock all of the accessories and books that your music teacher prefers.

2. We bring our services to you. Your Amro representative comes to your school on a regular schedule to make sure repairs, books, and accessories are taken care of.

3. We offer a maintenance and replacement plan keeps the rental instrument playing well, repairs it if it's damaged, and replaces it if it's lost or stolen.

4. A portion of the rent you pay can be applied to the purchase of your current instrument or a more advanced model.

Do you still have questions about renting?  Here are some FAQs about renting an instrument.  Or give us a call at (901) 323-8888 or email us here.