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Video: How to Prepare Your String Instrument for Winter

Every year, hundreds of instruments endure the cold, dry temperatures. And many of them don't make it through, bearing terrible cracks and open seams. 

Word of the day is hygroscopic! This fancy words means that wood absorbs and attracts moisture – like our violins, our violas, and our cellos. When the weather is warm, the wood is absorbing all of that water so it is swelling. In the wintertime, when it is dry, it's drying up and it is shrinkinking, which means that the wood is contricting and tightening. Before you know it, bam – you've got a crack. 

But, I have just the solution! This is a Dampit, it provides a light moisture environment for the inside of your instrument. 

So here we have the Dampit. It is rubbery on the inside. So what you do is you get a cup of water, and you are going to dip it in so it is completely submerged. Take it out, and then dry it off. You want the outside to be completely dry, and you don't want the water to touch your instrument. 

It has two ends; the end that doesn't have the rubber tips on it, or any blockage, you're going to put that into the bottom of your f-hole. Slide it in. And there you go! Your instrument is now safe all throughout winter. 

When you are using water around your instrument, be careful, because water will actually damage the wood. 


Posted by Maigan Smith at 1:44 PM
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