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Why You Need a Step-Up: Trombone

Learning to play an instrument is such a great activity! You’ve been working hard all year- perfecting your embouchure, improving your playing technique, and learning new songs. But something is missing... As you were starting band, your beginner trombone was picked just for you because it was made to be easy to understand how to play. As you advance in your second or third year of band, you’ll start to put more demands on your trombone, which is why it's the perfect time to step up. But how do you know if you're ready for a step-up trombone?


signs that you have outgrown your beginner Trombone

  • You have been playing trombone for a year or more. 
  • You find that it is hard to play well in the upper and lower registers. 
  • Your band director wants you to work on improving your tone. 
  • You just aren’t quite happy with the overall sound. 

Beginner trombones are designed to be durable, affordable, and easy to play. A good beginner trombone will play well in the middle register. This is sufficient for beginner music, but as students progress, they need an instrument that will have a good tone in the upper and lower registers as well. Beginner trombones also have a smaller bore size, which requires less air from a beginner player, sacrificing the quality of sound for ease of use. After a year, trombone players are ready to take on the challenge of a horn with a bigger bore.  


benefits of a step-up trombone 

  • F attachment valve extends the low register, producing a heavier, darker sound and allowing the player to avoid difficult slide positions. 
  • High-quality bell made of one of several different alloys, (e.g. yellow brass for a bright, intense tone; gold brass for a broad, rich tone; red brass for a soft, mellow tone.) 
  • One-piece bell results in a richer, purer, more resonant tone. 
  • Open wrap design allows freer airflow and more even response throughout registers. 


We find that students and parents are often surprised at what a big difference there is in sound between a beginner trombone and an intermediate-level horn. Step-up trombones sound better and make it easier to play advanced music, so students will be more excited about practice time! If you think it’s time to step-up your trombone, you can call us at 901-323-8888 or book an appointment online



Today's blog was written by a member of our very own Band and Orchestra Sales Team, Heather Cummings!



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