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Virtual Fall Keyboard Festival: Update

This year, we held our first-ever virtual Keyboard Festival. The students did an fabulous job, despite the fact that we encountered a few challenges along the way on our end of things. But hey, we're learning! Despite the overwhelming amount of adjustments we've ALL had to make getting used to this virtual world, we had an incredible festival! Let me share some numbers with you.

127 Students

That's right... 127 students performed in our online festival! This beats the number of participants we've had in person over the last several years by 20-30 students. This is an absolutely fantastic turnout! Among these students, we had over 60 that have been playing piano for 3 years or longer. Additionally, we had about 40 students who've been playing between 1-3 years, and we had around 30 students who've been playing for less than one year!

166-mile radius

There were 17 cities across Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas represented at this year's festival. This included students from 17 different piano studios across a 166-mile radius. Even though we were disappointed to not be able to host everyone in person at the store, we had a lot more participants from outside of the Memphis area!


Wish you could have attended this year's festival in person? No worries! Here are a few of their performances for you to enjoy! There's also a link at the bottom of this article to a playlist of even more festival performances.

performance category: 3+ Years Playing Piano

Burgmuller's " La Chevresque", played by Allie Rose Sorenson (student of Andre Duvall):


"Alla Tarantella" by Edward MacDowell, performed by Frances Condori (student of Anna Shelton):


Mozart's "Turkish March", performed by Ryan Vera (student of Jim Walsmith):


"La Fille aux cheveux de lin" by Claude Debussy, performed by Troy Dahl (student of Jim Cornfoot):


Bach's "Invention No. 8 in F Major", performed by Adrien Poux (student of Cindy Zou):


Chopin's "Prelude in G Minor, Op. 28, No. 22", performed by Daniel Malek (student of Christine Franklin):


performance category:  1-3 Years Playing Piano

Cameron Stephen (student of Paula Darnell) playing "Chocolate Swirls" by Robert Vandall.


Melody Bober's "Snow Castle Waltz", performed by James Boyd, IV (student of Janice Lumpkin):


Nancy Faber's " Night of the Tarantella", performed by Everett Lee (student of Judith Pfeiffer):


"Pumpkin Boogie", performed by Helen Donlon (student of Jim Cornfoot):


Performance category:  <1 year experience Playing Piano

"It's a Small World", performed by Allie Poux (student of Cindy Zou):


"Round-trip Flights" by Snell/Hidy, performed by Hazel Cooper (student of Janice Lumpkin):


"Old Haunted House" by Lori Bastien, performed by Francisco Solis (student of Paula Darnell):


"Kites in the Sky" and "Grumpy Old Troll" from Faber & Faber, performed by Jocelyn Ballin (student of Linda Wilson):


Snell/Hidy's "Up in the Saddle", performed by Olive Olaleye (student of Janice Lumpkin):


If you enjoyed these performances, you can watch even more on our Keyboard Festival Playlist, linked below. We hope you enjoyed the performances as much as we did! Stay tuned for updates on our spring festival, where we hope to have even more talented participants. Have a musical day!

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Posted by Emilee McGee at 5:04 PM
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