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Top 8 Reasons You Should Shop Locally for Your Instrument

1. One-On-One Personal Attention

Online, you’re dealing with an automated system. You may or may not get to talk to a real person, unless a problem arises. However, in a family-owned, brick-and-mortar store like Amro Music, our associates go the extra mile for you in a number of ways, including:

  • Home visits to measure for your grand piano
  • Individual consultations in the store to select the perfect instrument for you and your family
  • Walking you through every step of the process from selection to purchase to delivery
  • Customizing/upgrading your instrument to fit your needs (including finishes, materials, accessories, player systems, etc.)


2. Knowledgeable Sales Associates

Most of the members of our team hold degrees in music performance or education, have taught private lessons or in schools, and are avid local performers. Our sales staff alone has a combined ­­­­154 years of experience in finding the best fit for every musician at every stage of playing.

Online, there’s little to no chance you’ll be dealing with someone with this level of specific expertise. If anything, they’ll be speaking to you in scripted responses based on the millions of products they sell, of which only a fraction are musical instruments.

3. See, hear, and play the products

As soon as you walk into the doors of Amro Music, you’re greeted by walls filled with woodwind, brass, and string instruments. In the next room, you’ll see a display of gorgeous acoustic pianos of all shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. Next, you enter the digital piano floor, which offers the latest developments in digital technology, plus stunning aesthetics.

Guess what? This isn’t the Amro Music Museum! Every single instrument on our sales floor is available to play! There is absolutely no replacement for physically getting your hands on the instrument you’re considering for purchase. Online, there’s no chance of simulating this experience. You’d have to wait until your instrument was delivered to know if you’ve really made the right choice.

4. A dozen options at your finger-tips

It’s one of the best perks of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Getting to take time for yourself in a practice room playing your favorite music on three or four different models of the instrument you’re shopping for is invaluable. As a customer, you have the ability to compare each instrument side-by-side. You’ll get to decide whether you like the ebony or walnut finish on your piano or notice the performance differences between the brands Boston and Young Chang. You can even compare the benefits between digital and acoustic pianos. Choose between an all-silver flute and a silver-plated one. Try out mouthpieces for each instrument. Wear a neck strap before you commit. Select strings that suit your playing style. Feel rosin on a bow for each season.

The point is this: you hold the power. You get to choose. You get to physically touch, see, and play these products; however, online, even reviews need to be read with a grain of salt. Inside a store, it’s your review that counts.

5. Flexible payment options

Online retailers aren’t always the most understanding when it comes to unique financial needs. When shopping locally, though, you’ll be meeting with a live person who can help customize the payment option that’s right for you. Whether you want to just rent an instrument to try it out, finance, or pay cash, we’ve got you covered. With acoustic pianos purchased here, you actually get a Guaranteed Trade Back, which means you’ll get credit in the exact amount you spent previously toward the purchase of a step-up piano. Additionally, when renting a wind instrument, string instrument, or a piano, you get to apply 6-12 months of your rental credit towards your purchase. We can also take cash, check, credit cards, and money orders. You won’t find that level of flexibility with an online retailer, that’s for sure!

6. Models that aren't available elsewhere

Typically, the products available from online retailers are designed to compete on price alone, not functions or benefits. These products have been stripped of many of the higher-quality materials, features, and functions that make them desirable. When shopping in store, you'll have access to more features, premier versions of the models, and better warranties. Most music instrument retailers offer only a fraction of their product lines for purchase online. This is to encourage customers like you to come in to the store and experience the products in-person. 

7. Service and Warranty

Another huge benefit to shopping locally is that all of your service and warranty needs are handled by the dealer. Here at Amro, we employ over 20 repair technicians who work around the clock to make sure your instrument is in mint condition. We even offer in-home services like piano tuning and minor piano repairs.

When shopping online, the resolution to your problem is unknown. You could end up on the phone for hours trying to connect to someone who can help you. Who will pay the technician? Where will the parts come from? What priority will your need be given? Don't leave all of those questions to chance in the hands of an online retailer who's never even met you!

By purchasing your instrument from a local business, like Amro Music, you gain access to many amenities, of which one of the most important is the maintainence, service, and care of your instrument.


8. Delivery options

By purchasing locally, you have control over the date and time your piano is delivered. This service also includes set up, tuning, etc. If you're a band or orchestra customer, you can have the instrument you purchase shipped to your child's school or hand-delivered by one of our 8 educational representatives. No matter what your needs are, there will be a real, live person there with you every step of the way. From purchase, to set up, to delivery, you'll never be left to fend for yourself. If you visit our store, you might even receive a complimentary mini-lesson on the instrument of your choosing. Our sales team provides a personalized experience that simply can not be duplicated online.



Deciding to play a new instrument for the first time should be an exciting, fun-filled time for you and your family. Don’t allow the stress and uncertainty of buying something online that you’ve never even played on take away from this memorable experience. You could end up with an instrument that’s totally unplayable and have no option to return it!

By visiting a local brick-and-mortar music store like Amro Music, you’ll find nothing but helpful advice and expert recommendations that are teacher and pro-approved. So, come on down to Amro and relax, fix yourself a coffee, and let our team of experts walk you through the next step of your musical adventure!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 4:03 PM
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