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Why Should My Students Attend the Spring Keyboard Festival at Amro Music?

Here at Amro, one of the events that we look forward to every year is our Spring Keyboard Festival. It’s so rewarding to see the store bustling with students and families who are excited about making music. With the registration deadline fast approaching, you may be wondering about some of the benefits of participating in a festival like ours. Read on to learn more about this event and what your students can gain from it! 

Benefits of Music Festival Participation

Improvement in Musical Ability

According to an article recently published by Steinway & Sons, “piano [festivals and] competitions provide many opportunities for musical growth. Students have the opportunity to perform on the finest pianos in front of well-informed and interested listeners.” The article continues by emphasizing the personal feedback and advice that participants receive from festival judges. Additionally, preparing for a festival involves much more focused practicing. “[Festival] preparation teaches the musician how to take a deep dive and truly master every aspect of a piece of music.”

Recognition and Rewards

Participation in a keyboard festival can also provide more tangible rewards. The opportunity to take home an award or leave a good impression on a judge is encouraging to any growing musician. In addition to receiving a certificate and ribbon, all of our participants will have a chance to draw for some great prizes including various gift cards to popular stores and local Memphis favorites. We will also be giving away a few grand prizes, which you won’t want to miss! Our goal with these prizes is for the students to know that it’s okay to have fun away from the practice room. These experiences can re-energize them and give them the motivation to continue studying the piano.

Personal Development

Aside from providing opportunities to grow as a musician, participating in a festival can also benefit a child’s general development. Everyone involved can learn valuable lessons. Mistakes, failures, and feedback teach students to “identify the problems, remedy the deficiencies, reset their goals, and grow from their experiences,” according to psychologist Dr. Sylvia Rimm. Understanding the importance of this problem-solving process is beneficial to the general development of any child.

Amro's Keyboard Festival

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of music festival participation, let’s explore the unique features of Amro’s Keyboard Festival. We offer four different performance categories for our students:  Steinway, Boston, Essex, and Duets. 

The Steinway Level is designed to help prepare students for major festivals, auditions, and public performances. Students perform in front of an audience and judge. Both the student and teacher have the option for a constructive critique and brief coaching session. The program must include an original work from one of the four major style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century/Modern.

The Boston Level is designed to give advancing students confidence and the opportunity for constructive feedback. Students perform in front of the judge only. Students can perform any solo piano work, including pedagogical literature, simplified classical works, or standard literature.

The Essex Level gives early level and hobbyist students confidence and constructive feedback, rewarding them for their efforts. Students perform in front of the judge only. Essex-level students can perform any solo piano work of any difficulty level, pedagogical solos, or selections from a method book.

Duets are an option for any of the three performance levels. Students can choose to perform solely in the duet category.

We are also bringing in some fabulous judges this year, including three college music professors! If you’d like to know more about our festival judges, check out this article

This year’s keyboard festival is going to be one for the books, so you don’t want to miss it! Click here to register online or print out a paper application. And as always, you can call the store with any questions at 901-323-8888.

Posted by Emilee McGee at 11:12 AM
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