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Returning an instrument at Amro Music

There are times when you will need to return your rented instrument to Amro Music, whether your child is just not going to be playing anymore, or if they are ready for an instrument of their very own. Read on for information on returning an instrument to Amro Music.

If your child is still in band:

  • We recommend that you keep your instrument if your child is going to continue participating in band or orchestra.
  • Your instrument has been selected with the preferences of your band director and the needs of your child in mind.
  • Your instrument includes a maintenance and replacement plan that covers your child’s instrument if it is lost, stolen, or even accidentally damaged.
  • Your child will need an instrument to practice with over summer break.
  • If you have been renting from us, you will have rental credit with us! You can use that credit towards purchasing the instrument you are renting or an even nicer step-up instrument. If you return your rental over the summer, you will lose your rental credit!

If your child is no longer playing in band or orchestra and you need to return the instrument:

If you are close enough to drive to our store

The fastest way to get that instrument off of your monthly statement is to bring it in to us so a member of our helpful staff can get it returned off of your account right then!

You can also return your rental to one of our partner stores around the mid-south listed below

          *Denotes on-site repairs are also available.

The next best way is to send it back to us by Fed-ex

  • We will email or mail you a pre-paid shipping label.
  • You package up the instrument.
  • Stick the shipping label on the box and take it to your nearest Fed-ex shipping center.

We recommend that you don’t leave the rental instrument in the band room.

  • They can be easily misplaced.
  • They could accidentally be picked up by another student.
  • You are still responsible for the instrument until it gets to us. Even if it was left in the child’s band room.
  • We don’t want you to have recurring payments billed if you don’t have the instrument anymore!

We hope this helps!

If you have any other questions for us, please email us at, or give us a call at (901)323-8888

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