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Amro's Repair Shop and Maintenance & Replacement Program


Here at Amro, we don’t want you to be done after you select your instrument. We truly want to guide you through the process of understanding how to own your instrument. When you purchase any instrument, you should know that over time, that instrument will need adjustments and repairs from a professional, as well as routine maintenance from you!

From replacing the pads of a woodwind to tuning the strings of a piano, Amro has thought it through for you.  We have all the accessories you will need to maintain your instrument, as well as over 20 specialized technicians with over 350 years of experience collectively repairing, maintaining, and restoring the instruments you love!

We only rent instruments that we know we can service and maintain. We stock instruments that we know we can get parts for easily, and we have a Maintenance & Replacement program that even covers if the instrument is lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed. This M&R coverage can be bought for almost any instrument we sell or rent. In most cases, when your instrument has lived past its prime, our same expert technicians can overhaul your instrument, making it play like new again.


Almost all our inventory is available to rent! With our Band and Orchestra rental programs, you can use rental payments as credit towards a step-up instrument. Every acoustic piano from Amro comes with Amro's exclusive Lifetime Guaranteed Trade-Back certificate. It says that you are guaranteed to get 100% of what you paid for your piano towards the purchase of any piano of equal or greater value. We never want you to feel uncomfortable going through the process of learning a new instrument.

From selection to service, Amro Music gets you through it all!

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