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Recruitment 101

Beginning band students are the lifeblood of every music program. The quality of a beginner band class can influence the next 6-7 years of a program. Effective recruitment is a key determining factor for the future success of the band program.

Expecting students to sign up for band on their own simply won’t work. Most students don't know enough about band to decide whether they want to join. They have to be shown the band, told about its activities and benefits, and convinced that they can be successful members. Achieving these goals takes a thoughtful, well-executed plan. Most busy directors, especially those new to the field, simply don’t have the time to develop and execute such a plan. This is an unfortunate predicament, since there’s really only one chance per year to recruit new band members. Don’t worry though, there’s hope! Read on to find out how Amro Music can equip you to succeed in the area of recruitment.

The Amro Beginner Band Recruitment Program was developed and fine-tuned by some of the Mid-South’s most successful band directors. The following list is a summary of the steps in our recruitment program.

1. Show Them the Band - Introduction to Band recruiting materials

A band performance for potential beginners, showing the band in action — playing entertaining music, showing off the instruments, and having fun. 

2. Convince Them They Can Play - Musical aptitude survey and answers

Let them hold and try the instruments. Give them a music aptitude test to prove they have talent.

3. Invite Them to Join - Invitations to join the band and demonstrating instruments 

Choose your beginners, issue official invitations, and congratulate them on "making the band".

4. Enlist Parent Support - Letters and phone scripts

Meet or communicate with the parents, answer their questions, and encourage their support for the child joining band. 

For even more details on planning a successful recruitment process, check out this article.

If you have any other questions about recruitment, or if you’re interested in partnering with Amro Music to further the success of your program, reach out to our Director Services Team at 901-302-3315. They can connect you with your own Amro Educational Representative and answer any other questions you may have.

Posted by Emilee McGee at 1:53 PM
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