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Piano Teachers: Grow Your Enrollment and Retention Rates

 A couple of questions for you, piano teachers:

  • What would happen in your studio if your students had access to the best piano possible?
  • How much has your enrollment grown since the last time you bought a piano?
  • What is your vision for your studio?


Let’s talk about growing your enrollment and improving your retention rates. Most teachers are constantly on the lookout for more students and trying to find ways to keep students taking lessons for longer. Outstanding teachers provide a motivating, fun experience during lessons.

Using Technology for Piano Lessons

We’ve found that the teachers in our region with the highest studio enrollments are comfortable with using technology during their lessons and are exceptional communicators with their parents. They’ve found tools and ways to stay in touch outside of the lesson slot and monitor students’ practice during the week. They give their students’ parents tips on how to help their children practice and how to make piano part of the family experience.

Here at Amro, we want to make sure that your students have the best experience possible during lessons. You know that it’s important for them to have a good instrument at home, but it’s especially important that students have a great piano to use during their lesson time with you each week.

Best Piano Brand for Piano Teachers

We’ve also found that these teachers have equipped their studios with the highest quality instruments available so that students can get the most from their lesson time with them. For many teachers, however, there’s some guilt that’s only natural to feel - “I just can’t justify spending that much on a piano for myself.” Let’s think about it this way. The piano in your studio isn’t just a gift to yourself, no matter how much joy it brings you. YES! It should bring you joy, and you should love playing it! That’s how you got into teaching piano in the first place, right? Your love for the piano?

However, more than likely, your students are the ones who will be playing your piano the most, and they should be the ones, ultimately, who are paying for it.  So take a deep breath, and release yourself from any sense of guilt over even considering such an investment….  There, better?

And, if you’re still a little intimidated by this whole idea, that’s ok, too. Let’s break down the expense of a piano to a per student, per week basis.  In other words, how many lessons would you need to teach per week to get a better piano?

Should I buy a new piano?

Most teachers know how many lessons per week they teach. They also have a pretty good grip on how their enrollment has grown since they started teaching and probably since they purchased their piano. You might be surprised at how few lessons it actually takes to cover the cost of a vastly improved instrument that will give your students the advantage in lessons. Let’s take a look at it.

Here’s a tool we’ve created that will do the math for us.

Tool (Blank)

You’ll simply enter three figures:

  • Your weekly lesson rate. That’s simply what you charge, per week, per student.
  • The value of the piano you’re interested in.  In our video example, we used a Steinway-Designed Boston Grand, one of the most popular grand pianos teachers choose for teaching lessons. It’s designed to be expressive, durable, and share the heart of the Steinway grand piano. If you have a dream piano of your own, you can plug in its value in this box.
  • Financing Term. You don’t have to finance, but most people who look at quality pianos at least pursue this option, especially if you’re thinking about having your students pay for the instrument. If you purchase a quality instrument, it will generate revenue for your studio much longer than any financing term length you could select. In our example, we used a popular 72 month term (6 years). The tool does the rest of the calculations for you.

Tool (Filled)

This example didn’t even assume that you might trade in the piano that you currently have. So, theoretically, your figures could be even lower. It should only take 4 lessons per week to have access to this majestic piano to inspire your students. Think back to our initial questions:

  • What would happen in your studio if your students had access to the best piano possible?
  • How much has your enrollment grown since the last time you bought a piano?
  • What is your vision for your studio?


If you’d like to play with this tool, please reach out here. We’d be honored to send it to you and to help you achieve the most your studio and your students can.

Please reach out to let us know how we can help! 901-323-8888

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