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How to Set Up a Drum and Bell Kit

Welcome to Amro Music! Today's blog is part three in our percussion series. Our resident percussion specialist and director services representative, Alan Compton, walks us through setting up a drum and bell kit.

Drum and Bell Kit Set Up

The Stand

1. Loosen the wing nut.

I'm gonna start with the base of the stand which is the part that has the three rubber feet on the bottom. Loosen the wing nut on the bottom half of the stand.




2. Set up the legs.

Spread the three legs wide enough to where it seems like it will be stable and not fall over easily. Then, you'll tighten the wing nut on the bottom into the stand.




3. Prepare for the top portion of the stand.

In preparation of inserting one of the top parts of the stand, you're going to loosen the wing nut on the top part of the stand.





The Snare Drum

So the first thing we're going to set up is the snare drum. The snare basket will look like this:  it will have three L-shaped rubber ends.

1. Loosen the wing nut.

Turning that over to where the pipe points down, you'll want to loosen the wing nut that's on the back side.




2. Insert the pipe into the base.

Rotate the arms up with the rubber tips and tighten it. Once it is in a fully upright position, you'll open the basket, insert the bottom of the pipe into the top of the receiver on the on the base, and slide it down to an undetermined height. (You will adjust this later depending on the height of the player.)



3. Open the basket.

The next thing you'll do is open the basket using the wing adjustment here. You can just turn it a couple of times to make sure that's nice and open to receive the snare drum.




4. Place and adjust the snare.

Take the snare drum. Place it on the basket, sitting on the three rubber feet, and then tighten the same adjustment you've just moved until the basket completely grips the snare drum. (Now, it doesn't have to grip it very hard. It can just be barely gripped. That will hold the snare drum pretty solidly in place.) Now, at this point, you will adjust the height of the drum based on how tall the player is.





The Bell Top

Alright, the next thing we're going to do is set up this bell top.

1. Remove the snare drum.

So you can loosen the snare drum basket again, remove the snare drum, loosen the wing nut at the center of the stand, and lift the snare basket out. At this point, just to save any damage, you'll want to loosen the wing nut, fold the snare basket back up, and place it back in your bag. 




2. Loosen the wing nut.

Take the bell stand top, loosen its wing nut, and fold the four legs out until they are as flat as you can get them.




3. Insert the pipe into the base.

Once you've got the arms as flat as you can possibly get them and the wing nut is secure, insert the pipe into the base of the stand and lower it to the height that's appropriate for the player. Once again, we'll tighten that wing nut into the center.




4. Put the bells in place.

You'll notice that the bell stand top has two sides to it. One side has short legs and one side has long legs. So, the small side of the bells will go on the short-leg side and the long side of the bells will go on the long-leg side. So, you will lift the bells and place them. Try to center them as much as you can onto the bell stand top.



The Practice Pad

Now then, there should be a hole in the bottom end of this bell kit. (Can you see that there? There's a hole there. That's where the threaded screw goes.) Now, that just helps to hold it in place, but it also serves another purpose. So, you'll let that hold it in place. You might be asking yourself, "Why is there a threaded screw on top of the bell stand?" That's for your practice pad!

Your practice pad will actually just screw right on top of that and then it becomes height adjustable. You can adjust it just like the snare drum to whatever height the player needs to play on it.

Packing Up

1. Pack up the bells first.

When it's time to pack up your drum and bell kit, you'll want to start with the bells. Lift the flap that's dividing the top and bottom portions of the case. Insert your bells into the lower half. Close that flap. You'll have a space for your sticks and a space for your mallets.




2. Put away the stand, next.

And then there's a loose pocket where your stand parts go. You'll take the base first and put it (feet first) all the way down in it. You'll take your snare basket (the basket end first) all the way down next to the base. And then you'll take your bell top (top up) and insert that on top of the other two stands. It should slide right in there. You may have to wiggle it around a little bit to get it to go.




3. Third, place the practice pad in the pocket.

Insert your practice pad. Velcro that pocket shut and close the case.





4. Finally, put the snare drum in the outer pocket.

The front reservoir is for your snare drum. You'll want to put that in snares down, facing the rest of the bell kit, so that nothing hits the snares. (The bottom head is weaker than the top and so it's less protected.)

Close the flap, zip up the case all the way around, and you're done!



Thanks for letting us guide you through this! Have a good day!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 4:23 PM
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