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How to Sanitize Your Stringed Instrument


Sanitizing Your Stringed Instrument

Welcome to Amro Music. Today we're talking about sanitizing your string instrument. It's important to keep your instrument sanitized. This is especially true if you've been sick or been around someone who is sick. 

So, go ahead and clean your instrument following one of the cleaning videos linked below and sanitize your workspace so we can get started.

Sanitizing the Strings & Fine Tuner

For the strings and fine tuners, we recommend spraying some 90% isopropyl alcohol on a clean polish cloth and carefully wiping down only the metal parts of the instrument. Be careful not to get the alcohol on any of the wooden surfaces.

Sanitizing the Body

For the wood of the rest of your instrument, we recommend using steri-spray. We've tested this on our varnished and lacquered instruments to be safe. We recommend that you test a small, unseen spot before spraying down the entire instrument. Let the steri-spray sit for one to two minutes before wiping it off with another clean polish cloth, making sure to get the entire instrument dry.

Sanitizing the Bow

Now for the bow. Like with the instrument, if your frog or stick is made of wood, you should use steri-spray to sanitize them, making sure to let the spray stay on the wood for one to two minutes before wiping it away. For the metal adjustment screw, or a carbon-fiber stick, we recommend using 90% isopropyl alcohol sprayed on a clean cloth. Make sure to avoid getting the alcohol in the wooden parts of your bow.

Sanitizing Your Case

Lastly, let's take a look at the case. Open it up, and if you have a plastic string tube inside, take that out before spraying down the entire interior of the case with 90% alcohol. If you accidentally forget to take out the string tube, (like I did making this video) just quickly take it out of the case and wipe away all of the alcohol before it has time to damage the plastic. Spray down the exterior of the case, making sure to get the handles, zippers, and latches. Then, let the case completely air dry before putting your instrument back in it.

Following these tips and the guidelines from the CDC, such as washing your hands thoroughly and sneezing and coughing into your elbow, should go a long way and keeping you healthy and playing your instrument. Let us know if you have any other questions. That's all for now, have a musical day!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 13:57