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How to Fix a Dented Brass Mouthpiece Shank

How Do You Fix a Dented Brass Mouthpiece Shank?

Welcome to Amro Music! Today, we're going to learn how to fix a dented brass mouthpiece.

We all know that accidents happen and somehow or other dents and dings show up on your mouthpiece. This can cause several different problems by leaking air and changing the resistance and feel of the mouthpiece.

The process used to fix this is commonly referred to as truing and is fairly easy to do with some practice.

Materials You Will Need

So, to get started, you just need your damaged mouthpiece, a soft cloth to rest the mouthpiece on, a soft-faced hammer (such as a canvas, rawhide, or plastic) and a truing tool.


How To Fix Your Damaged Mouthpiece

Avoid hitting the truing tool directly into the mouthpiece with much force. This can flare out the end of the shank. We're trying to return the shank to its original shape, not just make it round again.

Light taps to get it in place should be fine, but with larger mouthpieces such as euphonium or tuba, this could possibly make tears on the side of the shank.

Get the Equipment Into Place

Start by laying down your soft cloth to avoid making any dents on the rim of your mouthpiece. Then, put the mouthpiece shank over the truing tool and hand tighten it into place.


Lightly Hammer the End of the Shank

Then, holding the mouthpiece and truing tool steady, at an angle, begin to lightly hammer the end of the shank. Focus on the places the shank does not touch the truing tool, trying to move inwards toward the damage from either side.

Rotate and Repeat

Rotate the mouthpiece and continue to lightly tap the shank back to its original shape until you feel the mouthpiece break loose from the truing tool.

Once this happens, replace the mouthpiece back onto the truing tool and hand tighten it again, repeating this process until the end of your mouthpiece is back to its original round shape.

If you have any other questions or want to see anything else about instrument maintenance, leave us a comment here.

That's all for now. Have a musical day!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 9:36 AM
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