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How to Care for Your Instrument During Cold Weather

Cold Weather Care For Your Instrument

Hi! My name is Johniece Anderson. I'm one of the band and orchestra consultants here at Amro Music, and I'm here to talk about one of the serious issues sweeping the nation. Every year, hundreds of instruments endure the cold, dry temperatures, and many of them don't make it through, bearing terrible cracks and open seams.

The word of the day is hygroscopic! This fancy word means that wood absorbs and attracts moisture, like our violins, our violas, and our cellos. When the weather is warm, it's absorbing all that water and swelling. But in the wintertime when it's dry, it is drying up and it's shrinking, which means that the wood is constricting and tightening. Before you know it, “BAM!” you've got a crack!

Solution to Instrument Cracking in Cold Weather

But, I have just the solution! This is called a damp-it. It provides a light moisture environment for the inside of your instrument.

Here we have the damp-it. It's rubbery on the inside. So what you do is: you get a cup of water, and you dip it in until it's completely submerged. Take it out, and then dry it off. The outside needs to be completely dry. You don't want the water to touch your instrument.

All right, perfect. So now, the damp-it has two ends. Look for the end that doesn't have any rubber tips on it (any blockage). Put that end into the bottom of your f-hole. Slide it in, and there you go! Your instrument is now safe throughout the winter.

When you're using water around your instrument be very careful, as water will actually damage the wood.

Don't let this happen to your instrument.

So that's all for now! If you’re looking for more information about taking care of your instrument, please visit our website at Have a musical day!

Posted by Emilee McGee at 9:51 AM
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