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Happy Holidays from Amro Music

The events that transpired over the course of this last year presented us with an enormous amount of adversity, perhaps more than any of us have ever dealt with before. Despite the challenges that we faced, there were some incredibly valuable lessons learned from this time in our lives. We learned to slow down and seek joy, peace, and contentment in every day experiences even more than before.

Here at Amro, our passion for music is what continues to keep us going, no matter what. The joy that music brings can outshine our differences and unite us as human beings. Music relieves stress, revives hope, and renews our spirits. It helps us connect with others--whether in-person or virtually--and it engages our minds and our hearts in a way that is unique to music.

Music is an important and vibrant part of our schools and communities, and we'd like to acknowledge each of the amazing groups of people that have played a part in making music possible this year, despite the circumstances.

Music educators,

We can't thank you enough for the incredible efforts you put forth this year. Thank you for doing what you do, each and every day. From teaching virtually, to recording virtual ensembles, and all the ways you kept students safe with bell covers, masks, shields, and outdoor playing, your efforts made it possible for students to keep making music. 

You gave them something to look forward to each day, and to keep their spirits up when things looked hopeless. 2020 will be a year to remember for lots of reasons, but one of the best ones is that your students will always remember you showing up for them and giving your best every day. With our attention to 2021, we know that music will be as important as it has ever been for our students. As we look to make up for lost time by re-engaging our students and with communities, we know that music will be a vital part of those efforts

Parents of Musicians,

For many of you, your child has studied music for a number of years. For others, they could have just started within the last year. Regardless of which boat your child falls into, they wouldn't be where they are in their musical studies without you. You reminded them to practice, bought their instruments, books, and supplies, and recorded them playing for virtual lessons.

You have played a vital role in nurturing your child's creativity, which is no small task. You helped stoke your child's interest in music through this challenging year, and they will come out on the other side more dedicated than ever. So, from all of your friends at Amro Music, thank you. You are appreciated!

Musicians and music students,

What a year, right? Maybe you just joined band or orchestra and this was supposed to be your first year playing. Maybe you've been playing the piano since you were 8 years old, and this was supposed to be your senior year of lessons. Or maybe you're an adult, learning piano for the first time, because you decided to pick up a new hobby while spending more time at home this year. Whatever brought you to this place doesn't really matter. The important thing is that you're here. You've made it through one of the most challenging years many of us have ever lived through. And you kept playing music.

When things got tough, when you wanted to just go and be with your friends, when your vacation plans were cancelled, when you missed senior night for the marching band, or your first Christmas concert happened online, you didn't give up! You know why? Because musicians work hard. We are used to falling down and picking ourselves up again. We do that every day as we sharpen our skills and perfect our craft. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Your character, skills, and talents have been forever shaped by your experiences this year.  And you'll not only be a better musician because of it, but a stronger person, too. So, well done!


From your friends at Amro Music, take some time and rest now. Enjoy the spirit of the season. You've earned it.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

The Team at Amro Music

Posted by Emilee McGee at 7:00 AM
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